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Peace Out: This is a Stress-free Zone
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Peace Out: This is a Stress-free Zone

“Whatever doubt you may have, we’re just going to close the chapter on that book.” YouTube channel -Meditation Relaxation Affirmation

I have made some great progress towards leaving my problems and uncertainties at the arena gate when I have my precious time with Sportie. I take a deep breath and tell myself: “This is a stress-free zone.” Sportie, like all horses, is very sensitive and needs to be as far removed from my daily drama as possible.

I recently came across some helpful meditations on the above-mentioned YouTube link, and I listen to it on my cell’s YouTube app while driving to the stables. Some meditations may make you zone out so completely that they begin with a warning against meditating and driving. So I made sure to choose ones that simply get me to focus on deep breathing, which I often forget to do while riding. My favorite so far is called the “10 Minute Guided Meditation for Positive Energy.” Listening to it pre-ride helps me to feel centered and frees my mind up to focus solely on Sportie and myself for the next hour, forgetting all the other hours that have bombarded me all week.

I’ve only been doing this for the past couple of weeks, but I noticed even the first time I got on Sportie after listening to a meditation that Sportie seemed more in tune to me. I wonder if, before that, the incessant chatter in my brain deafened him. His ears now constantly flick backward to me as if to say, “Wow, it’s so nice and quiet back there! That’s new!” My body reflects my mind and is now more still and deliberate rather than restless and reactive. I am learning to appreciate my hourly drama-free riding break and my horse is right there with me.

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    Of Horse Support
    Yes! Love this. Thanks for sharing the joys of meditation with us, Jayne.

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