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Packing for the Horse Show
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Packing for the Horse Show

It’s Show Time Everyone and The Pony Bloggers (Gucci, Sweetsie, and Leggs) are here with tips on what to bring along. It’s easy to remember to load us horses, but before you do-make a list! Since we are three horses who do different things (eventing, barrel racer, and hunter) our persons have their own lists! And it’s a good idea to add steps to the list and outline each step. For example Items needed for rider, horse, and trailer. This also aids in double-checking that all items are present and accounted for. Always pack the day before the event. This helps our riders focus on the competition instead of worrying they have forgotten something or in a panic searching minutes before the event. Label everything and pack in the same manner every time so you people can find your own stuff.

Lets begin with items needed for the horse (this would be us)-number one on the list always is proper paperwork (Coggins & Health Certificate-MAKE COPIES). Grain, hay, and water (Sweetsie only likes water from home so her person brings 5 gallon containers), extra halter, extra lead ropes, our running or eventing boots, coolers (include rain cooler), sheets, fly sheet, and magnetic sheets if needed. Proper tack for the event or show we are attending.

Barrel Racing Gear for Sweetsie, Eventing Gear for Gucci , and Leggs needs ear plugs (great idea to always have a set of these for all –just in case-its one of those days). Treats are an excellent idea-please don’t forget them we really look forward to it at the end of a show day. Our riders need all of their respective show outfits, hair supplies (hair nets, hair ties, brushes), make-up, boots, spurs, HELMETS, cowboy hats, gloves, protective vest (a must if Eventing), and medical armband (for Eventing), watches, extra breeches or jeans if hunting barrels, sunscreen. An added tip is to bring a pair of muck boots to wear when not mounted. This will keep your show boots or cowboy boots clean! (boots will last longer-leaving you persons more money for us horses).

Make sure all show apparel is clean and stain free. Include a folding laundry basket for dirty clothes. And remember that cell phone and video camera (have batteries and chargers). Bring enough money too! The trailer list should begin with a well-stocked first aid kit, braiding kit, clippers, Farrier tools (nipper, hoof pliers, and file), manure fork and shovel, sewing kit, water hose, buckets, mounting block, saddle racks, chairs, cooler with ice and drinks, shavings, hay bags, tail bags, extra towels, baby wipes, fly spray (loads of this), lunge line and whip, bathing supplies, trash bags, standing wraps and ice wraps. All tack, saddles, bridles, bits etc.

An extra bridle and extra saddle pads should be included. Always have a flashlight, pocket knife, and tool box (include flares just in case). Remember to keep up on trailer and vehicle servicing at all times. As soon as you are ready to hit the road-don’t forget us equines and stay safe everyone!

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