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Owning Horses - The Emotional Roller Coaster
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Owning Horses - The Emotional Roller Coaster

I remember a Christmas card given to me once when I was young girl. It showed a girl about my age waking up on Christmas morning to discover a horse wrapped up in Christmas paper, standing at the end of her bed. In my minds eye, I can still see the expression on her face of complete joy. 

I kept that card for many years, hoping that by keeping hold of it that maybe my dream of having my own horse might come true....... and it did, many years after that.

My horse didn't come wrapped in paper though, and I was soon to discover that owning horses isn't a fairy tale at all. It was to come with many highs and lows that would test my resolve and make me question whether or not I was good enough to own my own horse.

I never realized how emotional it would be. When something good happened, it felt absolutely amazing and I felt as if I could walk on water. When the bad times came though it was really, really hard.

It was years till I felt confident in what I was doing with the horses and in the decisions that one must make on a daily basis when you share your life with a horse. 

I would go as far to say that owning horses has been the most emotional experience of my life and made me a stronger more confident person because of how exposed you become when experiencing the highs and lows that come hand in hand with horses.

It makes the good moments all that much more rewarding, because you know how many of the difficult ones you have had and how much you have gone through to get where you are with your horse.

It may not have been like the picture on the card, but every moment good and bad has been worth it.


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