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Our first show!
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Our first show!

So this update is a little late in coming but that is okay, right? 

One week ago today I was getting up at 3am to head to the barn and bathe my beautiful black-and-not-so-white horse. We had a big day planned and it was going to be a long on and REALLY hot (ended up being 107*). The previous four months had brought us closer than ever, and I really wanted to start taking her out and about more. Really testing the communication and bond that we have. So I entered her in an open show and thought what a great place to start. We aren't polished by any means (as we have only really been undersaddle consistently for 3 months), but I want her to start really getting some experiences. 

 Well as all horses do, they know when you have something special planned for them. Four weeks before the show, she injured herself and was on stall rest for three weeks. She had bruised the left knee, and right cannon so badly that she was having a hard time walking, but she recovered and we had one week now before the show. So some good old fashion work time was about to happen. So the next morning (Monday before the show) I go out and her back right leg is all scraped up and it is the size of a 4x4. I think "Oh crap! There goes the show!" As luck would have it, there was no lameness. It was all superficial. Swelling was due to the injuries but also the fact that it was 105* outside. So we walked a bit and jogged a bit and the swelling went away and we got our five days of practice in. 

 It is the morning of the show. I bring my trailer (which she has never loaded in and didn't want to this morning but we are gonna glance over that right now) and after a while we get her loaded and actually make it to show check-in at 8:00am on the dot. Ariana and I were switched from walk-trot only to our age division in Walk-Trot-Canter because the lady that runs the show wanted us to maximize our experience at the show. I was apprehensive but I followed her advice (Ariana has been having trouble picking up her left lead since she was hurt).

So we are showing in the following classes: 

  • Halter Mares 4 and under
  • Hunt seat on the flat
  • Equitation
  • Western Trail
  • Western Walk trot 19+ over
  • Western Pleasure 19+ over 
  • Western Pleasure Open

I think I may have forgotten one or two but needless to say we had a busy day lined out for a four year old mare that has never been to a show and a rider, that also hasn't shown in more than ten years. 

 But y'all! We did it! 

If you would have seen us there you never would have known I was on a four-year-old Alpha Mare that just four months earlier I couldn't ride and I thought I would have to sell! I rode her in every class I could. She didn't spook at anything. Not the kids running under her neck, not the horses riding up on her hind end in the ring, not the canopies we had to ride past or the dogs, people, flags, bags or papers flapping, flopping or anything. She acted like this is what I was born and bred to do and I have been doing it since the day my little legs hit the ground. 

She stood for hours with me on her waiting for this class or the other and never complained or thru a fit. She never tired to kick or bite the other horses we were around or anything. It was just the right experience for the both of us. Did we clean up in the ribbon department? No. But we did do well and I did come home with three ribbons. So I was tickled to death! 

I truly couldn't have asked for a better horse that day. She gave me everything she had and then some, as I did for her. 

We are exactly one week out from our next show adventure. I can't wait to tell you all how she did! 


Thank you for your continued love and support! 



Yes! Send me a full color horse trailer brochure from Featherlite.

Thanks! Your brochure will be on its way shortly.

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