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Ordinary Day?
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Ordinary Day?

The weather has been gorgeous the past couple of days, which is super exciting because that means more time spent with Cookie. I'm sure she doesn't find "quality time" as being spent working or learning and sometimes she even tells me so. She showed me 3 different times how she could get back into the hay shelter and (crossed fingers) hopefully I have fixed that. lol 

Today started out to be a fairly ordinary exercise day. The breeze was blowing, the neighbor was working on a weed eater and his friend was asking me questions while Cookie zoomed around on the lunge. 2 of the things I thought would give us a fit actually didn't. I don't know if she just didn't feel like showing out or..... nope there she goes! 

The breeze usually stirs her up pretty good. The cooler temperatures help too I'm sure. Starting out with our usual walk-trot warm up, near the part where I ask for something like "back up" or "move your butt" she decided it was time to kick it into canter high gear and fart going all the way around. I couldn't help but to bust out laughing which she seemed to literally get a kick out of because the harder I laughed the more she bucked and farted. I just let her go and do her thing. I couldn't control my laughter and she apparently was having herself a ball. 

Normally, I don't encourage her to canter much due to the size of our work space. She has a tendency to turn on the after burners and can really get herself into some trouble. She's got good breaks, however her turning ability while throwing her head around isn't so great and she has often nicked the tree with her feet while trying to avoid a head on collision with it. There is an option for her to go on either side of the tree while she's not on the lunge and usually she does really well... as long as she's paying attention and not trying to toss her head as hard as she can. lol It is rather funny to watch though. She doesn't keep her balance very well and will "toss" herself out of rhythm. She'll trot a few steps and pick up the pace, toss her head and throw herself off. (I should try and get a video of it some time)

After the little escapades she brought her own self back down to a trot and we commenced to changing directions a few times. I always try to incorporate something old and something new, however I didn't have anything new to teach her today so we went over all the old stuff just to be sure she has it down. I guess her extended run around left her a little dopey-drowsy because she was not listening to me for a bit. Getting her attention we went over, shoulder away, side pass, and move butt on both sides as well as back up. The side pass is an invaluable tool, especially when riding. She's picking it up rather well so far. Transferring it while riding has been a slight challenge, and as long as we continue to end on a good note with lots of praise, she continues to do very well in her lessons. Some things in fact, she shows me with very little pressure. 

As I ride more and re-gain my balance and stature on horseback, she is also learning to carry a wobbly rider. This entails also that she learn to balance and re-balance as we go along. She is learning how to collect herself as well as brace for those "off" moments. We'll keep practicing and getting better together. :) 


*On a side note, I now have a saddle! Thanks to my sister and girlfriend, they went in cahoots together and got me my very own saddle for an extremely early Birthday present (It's not until December) lol. Now I just have to get a saddle pad and make sure it fits Miss Cookie. It's a temporary saddle, until I can afford to get one that I want, but I still want to make sure it fits her so there isn't any back sores or other ill-fitting issues that could cause problems.   Cookie is doing well, she has lost a little bit of weight which is a good thing. She was getting a bit on the chunky side. She hates her feeding schedule, but this was unavoidable. She's still over weight just a bit, but nothing drastic and it won't hurt to have a few extra pounds going into winter. Her feet are getting a little dry and cracking in the front, due to a missed trimming schedule, otherwise she's quite healthy. She drank a good bit of water after our exercise and was readily sleepy. It was also lunch-time in which she was beyond ready for. lol 


Thank you for checking out my blogs and following along on my journeys. I appreciate all comments and votes. :) 

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