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Oh the Joy of Thundering Hooves
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Oh the Joy of Thundering Hooves

And the fear that goes along with it! This morning I went back out to spend some time with Cookie after breakfast. I thought it was high time we both got some exercise so I began doing that pony lope thing like children do around her paddock trying to get her to play along. At first, she didn't recognize the game, she just ran 'cause this chick is running around in my paddock like a mad woman. Then all of a sudden, she caught on & took off! Snort, fart, buck, trot, gallop, put on breaks & skid to a stop. Twist & turn & put on the after burners to the other end. Blow, raise tail, trot & take off again like someone had lit a fire under her. Now mind you, I've stopped running around at this point & I'm standing near a wall just in case she can't quite turn or stop in time. Around & around she goes darting here & there & even let out a squeal! She started to slow down & I carefully plotted my course to run with her again & off we go. The Joy & laughter I was experiencing was the best ever. As was the fear that came when I settled down & she didn't. lol! You want to SEE the thundering hooves running around, but you don't want to HEAR it behind you! So as my neighbor was stopping by to chat & watch Cookie run around I secured a new position next to the fence. We talked a bit & Cookie started settling down. Still blowing, excited & on high alert now she decided to come & speak to our neighbor & her dog a Yorkie. Sweetest little dog. Didn't bark or carry on one time & even met Cookie nose to nose. It was an awesome moment. 

After chatting with our neighbor, it was time to finish chores. Cookie had settled down & though I was cautious at first, because I didn't want to get run over, it didn't take long for me to finish my chores & Cookie was relaxed. She got herself some water & I gave her a few peppermints then it was time for a bite of hay. She's still not real thrilled about her shelter with the wind, noise & rain.. but she's getting there. Next time I'm going to try & video her running around & having a blast. I could tell she enjoyed herself & being able to stretch those legs a bit. What a fabulous Christmas Eve gift to watch those Thundering Hooves, feel the excitement & Joy of having my own horse! 

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