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New horse initiation…
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New horse initiation…

Getting my first horse was not all great. I was in my early 30's and had always wanted a horse but the first year was definitely a test to see just how bad I wanted a horse. So many struggles and trials were turned into learning and lessons. It was definitely not a "pretty flowers and fluffy clouds" kind of experience. I did buy the horse of my dreams but I definitely didn't jump on my beautiful steed and ride off into the sunset.

Three days after getting Harvey, the "horse of my dreams", my husband had to go out of town for work. I got off work and headed to the barn to clean his stall and feed him. The boarding facility was making me keep him in a stall for a few days because he had a little bit of a cold.

I walked into the barn and was about to head down the aisle to see my boy. I could hear a really soft nicker, he was calling out to me. He recognized me and was happy to see me. A few stalls away from Harvey a man I had not yet met stopped me; I later learned that his name is Tom. He asked "do you own that new white spotted horse"? I could tell that something was wrong, why was my boy nickering for me and what was going on. Tom told me that he had an injury; it was bad but that he would be fine. He told me that I should call the vet. He also assured me that it was not as bad as it looked though.

I walked up to Harvey's stall and looked in. I thought I was going to pass out, and then he nickered again as if to remind me that I can be strong and that he needed me. His face was covered in blood. I could tell that it was coming from his eye area. How could this happen? What happened? My sweet, innocent horse with such kind eyes is injured.

Tom handed me a piece of paper with a vet's name and number on it. I cleaned up Harvey's face so I could determine exactly what the injury was. He had cut his eyelid, it was barely hanging on. It was cut from the inside corner to the outside. It looked awful.

I called the vet but he had a colic emergency and couldn't come out until the next day. He assured me that he would be fine until then. I don't remember much about what happened the rest of the evening. I just remember doubting my decision to buy a horse. I wondered if this was a test for me or was this God's way of showing me that I have no business owning a horse. As I left the barn that night, Harvey nickering softly as if he was begging me to not leave him. I cried all night.

The next day the vet came out and was able to reattach Harvey's eyelid. It is scarred but if you don't know about his injury you don't notice it. The vet told me that he shouldn't have any vision issues but to always watch it. He sometimes will get cloudy vision just because the eyelid doesn't clean the eye the way it should when he blinks, but otherwise he is fine.

The next few weeks were spent doctoring Harvey's eye and just letting him eat. He was putting on weight and started to fill out slowly. His coat was getting shiny; I brushed him and loved on him every day while he grazed on the green grass.

He is my four legged soul mate and the "horse of my dreams". We share a connection that very few people understand.

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