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New Lodge Looks Into the Future
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New Lodge Looks Into the Future

Horses have played an integral role in Japanese culture. They were commonly used in war until the advent of guns. Horsemanship was a skill respected by the warriors who instituted the Samurai class. Stallions had a vital symbolic role in Japanese religion, and even nowadays sacred horses are stabled at some shrines. Strangely though, horses were not commonly used for farming. They were widely used as a means of transporting goods and for traveling in rocky regions. Individuals of the higher classes also rode horses, elevating their importance further in Japanese culture.

A New Lodge

Since it’s not practical to have a horse roaming around inside your house, a special place is usually required to keep them. This place may be a stable or a lodge, where a horse can rest and be groomed by the owner. Lodges require open and sustainable designs so that horses can live in them freely.

Nobuaki Furuya of Tokyo has designed a new lodge that can accommodate up to five horses. The lodge also contains a grooming room equipped with showers to clean the horses. The building is constructed from wood sourced from the nearby Afan Woodland Trust. The furniture and stalls are specially designed for the lodge by Okamura Corp. Quality hardwood hauled out by horses has been used throughout the building, including the stalls.

It has been made sure that none of the timber gets imported and all the hardwood required is sourced from an abundant mixed forest in the Nagano Prefecture. Using local wood and employing traditional techniques of sourcing the necessary materials is what sets the lodge apart from the rest. This new lodge looks into the future by incorporating ideas of sustainability and use of local materials.

A Horse’s Life

Using horses to extract logs from wood is a much better alternative to using machinery. It gets the job done and helps preserve the ecosystem as well. Compared to heavy machinery, horses do not pollute the environment and don’t compact the ground to the extent where it becomes incapable of growing anything. You also don’t need expensive roadways for horses to move on.

The eco-friendly lodge of the future was designed by looking into the traditional methods of building. In order to have a minimal effect on the atmosphere, the wood was hauled by the help of horses instead of polluting machines. Horses are made for this kind of work. However, one needs to ensure their safety as well. The steep woodlands can be treacherous to maneuver, and clear pathways with the minimum amounts of debris should be provided for the horses.

Japan is notorious for its various leaders who attempted to increase the strength of horses over the years by careful breeding processes. That is why horses are so revered in the country even in this modern age. The Doug Joiner Kurohime Horse Lodge is a testament to this fact, looking into the future with its sustainable design as well as providing a state-of-the-art facility for horses to be kept.

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    It is so awesome that this exists! Sustainable and helping give a life of luxury to their horses. Who could ask for more?

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