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New Horse App Generates Great Expectation
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New Horse App Generates Great Expectation

Today, people from all around the world rely on apps to aid them in countless aspects of daily life. There are so many apps out there that can help you with anything from finding your way around a new city to learning a new language. One of the latest apps to hit the ever-growing library has been specially designed for horse owners, generating plenty of buzz in the horse-owning community; it could even lead to the development of other apps designed to help people better look after their animals.

The app is called the AWINHorse app and was developed in Italy. AWIN stands for Animal Welfare Indicators and is a project designed to help people identify problems with their livestock and other animals. This new app is one of the team’s first innovations and will hopefully help to make life easier for many animal owners. This way, farmers, riders and all sorts of animal owners can gather vital information about the well-being of the horses at the click of a button.

The app is only available on the Android platform for now. It is able to instantly provide information about the positive aspects of an individual horse and also allow the owner or veterinarian to cross-reference their animal with a larger population. This sort of comparison can help people to determine the best conditions for their animals, as well as helping researchers to discover the ideal conditions for horses across a wide range of locations. Horses are susceptible to many diseases and can suffer in certain environments, so this information can be incredibly important for owners.

The app weighs in at just over five megabytes, so it can be installed on any device in mere seconds. It’s available for download directly from the Google Play Store and could be updated in the future as the AWIN development team discovers new ways to improve their offering. The AWINHorse app is also very easy to use and shouldn’t require any advanced technical knowledge; users simply need to download the app, input some details about the behavior and environment of their horse, and can then access the various indicators involved in the AWIN welfare assessment protocol.

This particular piece of software is an interesting and important addition to the ever-expanding library of downloadable applications. People use apps every day for many different tasks, both trivial and vital. The AWINHorse app could play an influential role as researchers and vets work tirelessly to help horses enjoy better and safer lives. These animals are at risk of many different health problems. In addition, they demonstrate incredible levels of intelligence and emotional understanding. It is mankind’s responsibility to look after these animals as well as we can, and the AWINHorse app is one of the most useful tools to achieving that end.

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