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New App for Horse Health
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New App for Horse Health

Smart technology is not confined to our smartphones and computers anymore. It has taken over the digital world in many more ways. Not only does smart technology affect the technological aspects of our lives, it has also started to take health and medical sciences to a new level.

There are a number of apps today that are helping people find out more about their health and helping medical professionals get the relevant information about their patients easily in order to help diagnose and treat them. Adding to that, there is now a new app that focuses on the health of horses. This app, called The Horse Health Tracker, is a step in the right direction. Horse owners and equine professionals are happy to finally have an app like this to help them know more about their horses’ health to make sure that they are fit and healthy.

The Origin of the App

The app comes from a horse owner’s center, Equine Guelph, at the University of Guelph in Ontario, Canada. It is designed to work with both Apple and Android devices. Further information, as well as instructional videos, can be found at equineguelph.ca.

Empowering Owners & Helping Horses

The best thing about this new app is that horse owners can now be updated about their horse's health whenever they want. This helps them be aware of any potential issues that might affect their horse before they take their toll on the horse's health.

The basic version of the app helps owners gain and collect data about their horse’s health, including body condition scores, as well as data about body weight. They can then share this data conveniently with healthcare professionals via email.

If owners require additional or more detailed health data about their horses, they can upgrade the app to receive information about heart rate and body temperature, as well as respiratory data. What makes the app even more attractive is that people can track the respiration of as many as 50 horses at a time and then plot this data on a graph for easy understanding.

If that wasn’t enough, the application also offers instructional videos to help owners understand and analyze the interface and the data. They can also be reminded about their appointments; this data can be synced with their smartphone calendars as well.

A Direct Connection with the Vet

Other than providing important health data to horse owners, the app makes it easy and straightforward for people to reach out to their horse's veterinarians through the email functions. This helps them share their horse’s health data with its doctor for instant feedback. A lot of diseases and problems can potentially be avoided due to this simple, yet ingenious, feature of the app.

This new app for tracking horse health is revolutionizing the way horse owners look at their horse's health. There has always been a connection between a horse and its owner, but this app has taken that to a new level where people can actually be aware of their horse's body and health conditions to provide them with the care they require.

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