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Naturopathic Care, Part II
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Naturopathic Care, Part II

Naturopathic care is an excellent way to heal horses. According to Mair MacKinnon, there are quite a few ailments and emotional issues that can be cured or at least improved via naturopathic remedies and diet changes. She has known success often and tells of her experiences.

First, any ailment can be at least helped, if not cured, using this form of care. Even though some require veterinarian care, any type of illness or lameness can be aided by this type of treatment. Furthermore, although some practitioners claim that an issue cannot be treated, a horse who is given naturopathic care can at least be helped, even if it just to alleviate the discomfort and pain.

One important element is that it is a bit more work than simply administering a drug. However, the benefits far outweigh prescriptions, especially chemical ones, since the remedies help in the long run whereas prescriptions simply treat symptoms. This has been proven time and time again since it has been used for hundreds of years for both human and non-human animals.

The main advantage, after being a long term help, is that the side effects are minute or even non-existant. One only feels a slight aggravation at high doses. After, the costs are much lower than for prescription drugs and those who are sensitive to drugs will respond well to these treatments.

This form of treatment is not just for physical injuries and ailments. Emotional and behavioural problems can be eliminated or alleviated with naturopathic treatments as well. In this case, magnets and lasers can be used, as well as aromatherapy and massages to release muscle tensions. It is generally a life-changing treatment when one receives it. Mair’s proof of the success of this treatment is that her own horse responded very well to it. She then went on to clear other horses and got the same results: a much calmer animal who is more obedient and receptive to training and discipline.


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