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My Horses Away From Horses
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My Horses Away From Horses

Everybody appreciates their relaxation time, and I certainly understand that - probably more than most. Not because I do a lot, but because I’m lazy. It’s the part of me that’s thankful that I don’t yet have horses to look after because I enjoy my lazy mornings far too much for that. However, I can have my horsey fix in other ways, digital ways. This way I don’t have to be up at silly o’clock because neddy is banging on the doors. So in here, I’ve compiled a list of my favourite online horse games for those with a little time, or an awful lot of time.  I’ve graded these games in bold next to the clickable title - which will take you to the website! - on how long it I have spent on them per day, and how easy they are to use, and also a small explanation of the game itself, and some pros and cons. Hopefully, you enjoy them as much as I do!

These are only games that I myself have played. I don’t count in the millions upon millions of others that are out there, and this list contains only browser games, so no apps.

Star Stable Online - Lots of time. Medium difficulty.

Star stable is what is known as an MMO (Massively multiplayer online) meaning the game is played on servers online that host a lot of people at one time, so whilst some of the characters you meet in game are NPC’s (non-playable characters) who will give you quests to complete, or races with times to beat, the majority of people who trot by you are actual players. Pretty cool huh?  


- Easy to get into. You’re walked through each and every step with tutorials and the game showing you how.

- Can be fun to play and also can keep me entertained for hours.

- Customising your horses, your character and being able to muck about and do what you want really.


- To an extent, it’s pay to win, although you can earn money to get new horses etc, it’s a very slow, long process considering other players with money buy the premium accounts and boom, all the hard work out the door.

- You can easily fall into it, as well as be a pro, you can get stuck in this game for hours on end. Not too bad for kids, but as an adult with actual responsibilities, this puts me off playing it.

- Time challenge race leaderboards are dominated by higher up players, great when you get there, but it’s quite difficult as a newbie to start off.


Horse World Online -  Medium time. Easy.

This is my second favourite of my list, and I lost many, many hours in this relatively new game. It has a great basis I believe, and all manners of horsey people can join it to enjoy it. It allows for casual gameplay for an hour after work to relax, or you can step it up and get into the breeding game.

Pros: - Don’t need to be heavily time invested, even an hour a week can be enjoyable.

- Don’t need to spend mega bucks to get into it, I have horses on the leaderboards that have been there for months!

- Because it’s still new itself, new players are welcomed by easy tutorials, walked through the game, then left to their own devices.

- A lot of rare breeds on it, so your favourite is bound to be there, and breedable if you choose :)


- Can only put so many hours into it per night as you use up your ‘turns’ you get a new turn every 20 minutes up to 6, but once they’re gone you have to wait, which can make it quite boring without buying upgrades.

- If you breed horses with varnish or grey, be prepared to never be able to get rid of those genes. Ever.

- Due to the dynamic breeding, you can end up with some weird looking horses. Massive bodies, tiny legs, enormous head. Or maybe that’s what you like :P


Howrse  - Medium - high time. Easy game.

Great fun for adults and kids alike, this colourful, plenty-of-fun game has lots to offer both kids and adults with a competitive edge! Though whilst there’s a lot of competition, there’s a lot of easy fun too. This game is better suited for people with plenty of time on their hands, since even as a foal, there’s always something to do, playing with your foal to raise its stats, then putting it through all of its training as an adult.


- Unlimited help for beginners, from the fun quests to show you the basics up to the forums where there’s always a more experienced player on hand to offer some advice.

- Fantasy stuff! Who doesn’t love unicorns, or Pegasus or even mythic horses!

- Totally customizable. At a small monetary cost, or even by completing the quests, you can gain items that allow you to give the horse a “skin” which is a piece of artwork that another player has drawn, some of which are astonishingly good! Or colour your horse's name.

- You can collect horses to your heart's content.

- Horses don’t ‘age’ unless you’ve been interacting with them, meaning if you can’t be bothered feeding three thousand horses that day, you won’t be coming back to starving horses (unless you’ve been clicking on the items on their page but forgot to feed them, oops!)


- Just like real horses, feeding, mucking out, etc., all take time, although it’s only in the click of a button, times that by the so many hundreds of horses you have and it eats up your day.

- Training seems to take ages. Horses age 2 months every day, but aren’t usually fully trained until about 15! Then unless they’re immortal (an item you have to buy) they’ll go downhill after 25, meaning you get very little time with a fully trained horse.

- Following up on that, you don’t really get anywhere without training your horses. They’ll produce pretty sub-standard foals without full training.

- It can get expensive. For a game where you can be just as good as the top without spending money, it quickly gets frustrating when they have horses fully trained at 7 that are going to live forever and have seemingly unlimited buffs with all their expensive items. It might just tempt you into spending some money yourself, but be warned!


HuntandJump - Low- medium time. Medium difficulty.

This is my absolute favourite horse game of all time! I log on every single day to check up on whats going on, as the owner, Ellie is constantly making changes or adding little fun bits to make the game that much more enjoyable. I’ll try my best for some cons, but I just can’t sing the praises enough! Even as we speak I have a tab open just for it. This game will appeal mostly to adults to be honest, as although it’s a lot of fun, I don’t think it has anything that would keep a child's attention, but the actual real-life genetics and beautiful patterns attract adults into collecting and breeding their favourite colours.


- You don’t have to check every day. There’s no mucking out or feeding or grooming, so it’s easy just to check in, see if you have anything good then log off.

- You don’t have to spend money. I, myself, have a premium upgrade, but it only really offers some better features, the ability to enter my horses in shows with one click (instead of having to click on each horse) and a little more in-game money per week than a non-upgraded profile (25,000 instead of 5,000).

- If genetics appeals to you then have fun, all of the horses in the game can be tested and the genetics will interact in pretty much the exact same way as those in real life will.

- If you want a little more fun, there are limited genes in the game, Nexus will give your horse a beautiful starry space colouring, or Thunderstruck, which puts lightning flashes on the coat, to snowflakes, watercolour and even plaid - but these do cost real money, so be careful!

- You get a new “Herd Helper” every day. These can range from basic colours all the way up to ones with better breeding or showing ability and only cost 2500 in-game money to create, so even beginners can quickly end up with a pretty decent herd!


- You do have limited space in your stables, so you do have to buy more if you go over, however this can be done with in-game money.

- There isn’t a lot to do outside of breeding season, which starts on the 2nd of every second month on server 1, and its a quick blast to breed, but then you spend the rest of that time weeding out the best foals from that bunch and before you know it breeding time again!

- Without a premium or at least a basic upgrade, you can’t do much. You can’t paper your stallions, or compare them to make sure they are actually better than your other ones. But you can still enjoy the game without.

- Although you get the herd helpers, it’s very rare to actually get really good ones, a lot are just specific patterns or colour rather than horses with boosted abilities.


Equiverse - Medium time. Easy difficulty.

I don’t play Equiverse as much as I used to, though I’m definitely going to change that, get some time in around my other games. The one thing that catches my eye with this game each time I open it is the graphics. The horses are absolutely beautifully drawn and so intricate, you could almost imagine they are real! Genetics come into play in this game as well, but certain breeds carry certain colour genes just like in real life. Aside from this, there’s plenty to do on Equiverse, along with looking after your horses.


- Absolutely gorgeous pictures, the horses are stunning.

- Lots to do, visit the fairground to play games, the adoption centre or the auctions rings.

- Enjoyable for both kids and adults alike as it’s easy to get into and learn how to play

- addictive once you’ve gotten there too!


- There’s only a couple of breeds, and you can’t cross breed. You can only breed mares to a stallion of the same breed and vice versa.

- There’s no art for foals, when horses are born, they’re basically just small adults, considering how much effort they’ve put into the art, would some foal pictures be too much to ask?

- Having to look after all the horses one by one, can get quite frustrating even though it’s just a few clicks.

- Although an easy, fun game, it can be difficult to get into the more technical side of the point system for conformation etc.


Chicken Smoothie - Low to medium time, Easy difficulty.

Unlike the others on this list, Chicken Smoothie is not solely a horse game. It’s a cute pet collection game that’s the most simple on the list. You can collect dogs, cats, horses and even some weirder pets like chameleons, spiders, scorpions and dragons! It’s a simple case of show up, adopt pets, keep them on your account and watch them grow up, no interactions needed at all, no caring, just cute, fun pets - making this game a hit with adults and kids.


- Colourful collections of pets, you can have an infinite number of them!

- Trading, for when you already have four of those, but you want that one.

- Fun games and events during certain times, like currently they have an adoption advent calendar and each day you can adopt a set of secret pets!

- No mess or hassle trying to look after the thousands you’ve collected, plus you can sort them into groups for ease of looking at your favourites (Mine are arranged by species, or they event they came from!)

- Free to play, pretty much no money involved at all unless you want to buy special pets or outfits for yours!

- You don’t even need to make an account.


- Nothing to do after you’ve adopted the month's pets, except wait for them to grow up.

- More often than not, all the pets you get are “very common” and not worth trading.

- If you adopt from the pound you have to be quick as other people are there too, trying to get pets.

- Even if you adopt the maximum of one bunch, you’re never assured the pet you want from that certain bunch, there may be up to 10 different pets but you could have 6 of the same!

- Trading can be a hit or a miss, with people sending you far less worth than what they want, and it’s how I lost some valuable pets because I thought people could be honest!

Thanks for reading, and I hope to see you on some of these games for future, wasting away your time like I do!

Photo courtesy of Flickrs creative Commons - Here

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  1. Hey Kaye
    Hey Kaye
    Hey, this was a wonderful read, I'm going to check some out!
    1. JumpALittle
      Thank you :) I highly recommed HuntandJump if you have any spare time! Can take a while to get started up and going, but it’s brilliant fun and some of the colours you can breed are just lush!
    2. JumpALittle
      Also I just noticed that you’re the one that wrote about steam! I loved your article :D as a gamer myself, it’s great to get other people into gaming :D
      1. Hey Kaye
        Hey Kaye
        I agree! And I'll be sure to take a look :)

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