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My First Horse and the Bond Every Horse Owner Should Have.
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My First Horse and the Bond Every Horse Owner Should Have.

First let give you an idea on my life with horses. This will help in understanding my story to all horses weather on TV or passing them on the road. When my mom had me she had a mare that had her baby at almost the same time as she did me. My pappa raised horses of all kinds and everyone learned how to sit on a horse right away.

My uncle Bunny had me in his arms on his horse when I was only a couple of weeks old , they have pictures of us, and he rode me around the yard until I feel asleep. It worked to sooth me like people use cars to do it today. It is just how he was. When I was 3 the baby was broke but would not let anyone ride her. You know they broke horse different than we do now. I had been feeding her carrots and treats every time I could, and when  momma would let me. I loved to pet her nose and she always would nipple my fingers, but never tried to bit me. When your 3 this is like cute and funny. So, my pappa had this crazy idea to try a kid saddle and put me up on her back. Mind you the horse was surrounded by family as a just in case. But there was never any danger And I was born to ride her before I could really walk good. People say that we don't remember things when we are that young but I can tell you that is always been a memory I never seemed to forget. And my love for horses was officially in my blood, any good horse owner can tell you that once it gets there you will always be pulled to the magnificent beautiful and loving personalities of the HORSE.

When I was around  ten years old my pappa had to sell all of are horses. Very sad day for me to see her leave but I learned how to say bye to things I have no control to change. This has been a lifelong lesson I did not realize I had learned until  my Nannas passing in may of 1996 I was thirteen and she was my rock. I was able to let her see me be strong and accept once again something you just don't understand. I am so glad to have been brought up on a farm and that it taught me  how to be a survivor. Knowing now at thirty one years old with a family of my own, my horse Nibbles set the beinging of who I was to one day grow up to be.  

Now she taught me so much more over the years I was blessed to have her,  and all she did was be my friend and love me. Every horse owner should always want to have a horse that has touched there souls in some way. Can you rember the one that touched yours, and I will always tell people about her. I don't know what happened to any of our horses and that's probably for the best. But one goal I have always had was to be able to afford another horse and teach my son about them and pass that knowledge on. It is with teaching others that we can continue to cherish all of them.

Cowboys and cowgirls can be taught it all, but when you live breath and sleep your family and farms just remember  that you are a different and unique type of person. We are a world of colorful horses. After thirty one years my love has only grown. I thank God for all the gifts he has given me in my life. Thank you letting me share my story. 

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  1. shumes
    Very interesting post. Voted up! Please visit my newest article and vote it up if you enjoy it, http://www.ofhorse.com/view-post/How-to-Achieve-Your-Equestrian-Goals.
  2. Sam22
    "...you will always be pulled to the magnificent beautiful and loving personalities of the HORSE" Perfectly said! I know exactly what you mean!

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