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My Story Pt. 1: Knowing I Loved Horses From Age 1
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My Story Pt. 1: Knowing I Loved Horses From Age 1

I have written a grand total of thirty-three posts for my blog. I figured at this point, it's a good time to make a bio of sorts. I’d like my followers to know who they're following.

I don’t use my real name for this blog, but at the very least, I will let you know my nickname. My name is Maddy and I have loved horses all my life. My parents said they could always tell that they would be my passion. The first time I ever set my behind upon a horse I was only one year old.

Luckily, this was photographed so I actually know what the first horse I rode looks like. The picture is of my beautiful blonde mother in a pair of overalls and my infant self. I am grinning ear to ear. The story behind the picture is that my mother, my brother, my brother’s class, and I were at a farm for a field trip. I guess while my mother (a chaperone) was following the tour guide, I saw a large chestnut horse. I began yelling and pointing at the mare. This was the closest thing I had ever come to throwing a tantrum. The farmer was nice enough to let my mum and I take a small pony ride on his horse.

From there, I caused all sorts of trouble for my mom. If I heard hooves clicking I instantly took off to go pet the horses. If I saw horses, I always wanted to stop everything and visit. At my mom’s wedding to my stepfather, I snagged carrots off the buffet table and snuck them over to the back fence. Over there, I fed a couple of horses my goodies and watched them frolic.

At around seven years old, it was time for me to join a sport of some sort. I knew I wanted to ride. Unfortunately, there were some complications with starting lessons. They were expensive and dangerous. To my mom's credit, she tried to get me into other sports. Needless to say, it did not work. I was uninterested. After trying softball and being relentlessly bullied, I quit. I was very dramatic about my exit from the team.

This was just the beginning.

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