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My Little Curly
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My Little Curly

Hi! My name is Rachel and I'm 5 years old. I LOVE horses, but I'm allergic to them. My mommy loves horses, too. She gets to visit horses, but won't take me. That makes me sad. I cry all the time. I have lots of toy horses. I love My Little Pony. They are fun to play with. I love real animals best though - dogs, cats, frogs, and even bugs! Horses are best! Mommy used to have a horse when I was a baby. She was sick when I was in her belly. She sold the horse because it was too much trouble.

I wanted a horse. Mommy looked on the internet. She said American Curly Horses aren't allergic for me. We looked at pictures of lots of horsies. Mommy saw one she liked. We saved up money and my Nana, Nanny, and Mamaw gave us some. too. Papaw, daddy, mommy, Simon, and me drove a long time to go get her. We had to borrow a truck. Daddy's truck is too little to pull a horse trailer. We had to borrow a horse trailer, too. It was a cow trailer. It was smelly. We cleaned it for my horsie. It took a long time to get to my Curly. We live in Kentucky. She lived in Ohio.

When my Curly met me, she sniffed all my hair up her nose. It was funny. She didn't do that for anybody else. Her name is Starlie Ann. She's 5 years old like me. She loves me special. I love her too. Mommy says she's got a special bond with me. She always smells me special. I'm not allergic to her at all. She gives me kisses. She whinnies for me too. Mommy says she is a good horse. She had a hurt knee as a baby. Nobody wanted her except a rescue lady. She was from Pennsylvania. Her knee was infected and fused. The vet said she could be a driving horse. She could be ridden too. Her knee doesn't bend all the way. She can run fast though. She even jumps sometimes. I think she's pretty. My little Curly is the bestest horse in the world!

PS, I had my Mommy help me type this.

Yes! Send me a full color horse trailer brochure from Featherlite.

Thanks! Your brochure will be on its way shortly.
  1. Bethw737
    Love Curlies always wanted one but NJ board is too expensive. Touching post
    1. BiologyBrain
      Thank you!
  2. MReynolds
    1. BiologyBrain

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