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My Last Goodbye
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My Last Goodbye

Goodbyes of any kind can be difficult. I remember trading my first horse for another one, and it was one of the hardest things I have ever done. 

My first horse was young and untrained. I couldn't ride her. So, after almost four years of having her, I decided to trade her. My dad took me out to a farm where a man had horses for sale. What I didn't realize at the time was that this man was more of a horse trader. So, any deal was for his benefit more so than mine.

I found a horse that seemed promising. She was broke to ride. She seemed quiet, easy to handle and from what the man told me, she was going to have a foal. That should have been a tip off that he was just looking for quick cash (but this is beside the point). But I didn't think that way. So, I thought she was a good deal.

But with this new horse, I did not feel as comfortable.  I couldn't really trust her. And when the day came to give up my other horse, I wasn't ready. 

I remember seeing the truck and trailer coming down the lane with the new horse. The lady unloaded the new horse and put her in her stall. Then I went to get my horse for the lady to load her in the trailer. My horse, however, would not budge. She just stood there at the opening of the trailer and refused to move. The lady then asked me to load her. I had never really loaded a horse into a trailer. I didn't even think she would go for me. But with one tug on the halter, she walked right in. And I remember feeling like I betrayed her. And as that truck pulled away a piece of me died. 

I thought maybe one day I could get her back. That day never came. For a while, I knew where she was. But that has been so long ago now and that property has changed ownership. So, that day was my last goodbye. But I will always remember that horse. 

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