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The Journey with My Horses
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The Journey with My Horses

I wanted to write an article that briefly describes my journey with all my wonderful horses and how working with them has changed my life forever. It is also so that I can express how important my being able to listen and work with them in a way that they choose is. I know everyone has a different path to follow but for me taking who my horses are as individuals and listening to them and not to other people is so important.

I have loved horses even before I could speak; it was something I was born with and I feel something that I will always have as a constant in my life.

I got my first horse Ebony when I was 26 years old which is over nine years ago now. It was after a riding accident on Ebony that I decided to start looking for another way to be with horses. I started learning about Reiki healing, animal communication, herb and flower remedies, theta healing, soul healing, shamanic journeying and more.

A year after getting Ebony I met Brron at the Spanish Breed show and although I was not looking for another horse I could not get him out of my mind. So a few weeks after first seeing him Brron came to live with me and Ebony.

Where Ebony was gentle and forgiving, Brron was forceful and challenging. He pushed me to the limits of what I thought I was capable of and I knew I was going to have to up my knowledge in order to have a good relationship with him.

Five years ago I met Faraon who became the third horse to come live with me. It was to take four years for Faraon to find himself and for my bond with him to really come together. If I had thought Brron had brought challenges Faraon was to prove that I had not seen or experienced anything like he could bring me! It was the hardest part of my journey with horses and it was to push me to look into and find answers in places I never thought to seek.

April joined the family just last year and she is a little ball of fizz, fun and inappropriate behaviour! Everyone who comes to connect with the horses describes her as crazy but she is also sweet, strong minded and lots of fun.

In just under a week's time we have Sovereign coming to join us from a rescue organisation and she will become the fifth member of my wonderful team of horses. I say we now because we have been lucky enough to meet Julia along the way and together we have set up a social enterprise where we heal with the horses and help people with autism; women who have suffered abuse, young adults with confidence issues and many more people.

So my horses are my life and I take the measure of who I am as a person by how happy and fulfilled I can make their life. It is through them being happy and able to choose their life path that I feel we are able to make a difference to other people's lives. I don't honestly think that I would be the person I am today without horses as a constant in my life. It is as if by holding onto my love for them, I have enabled myself to remain close to who I am meant to be in the world.

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