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My Horse That Never Came
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My Horse That Never Came

When I was just a little girl I fell in love with horses.  My father told me many times that he had me a horse ordered and it would be coming.  Being a child, you believe what your parents tell you.  I would be so excited waiting.  After what seemed an eternity I would ask my father, "When is my horse coming?"  He'd say, "Little girl.  Your horse ain't coming.  The truck it was coming on had a wreck and killed your horse."  I was devastated and heartbroken.  I had my hopes up and now I wouldn't be getting a horse.  I would ask him time and time again to order me another horse.  He would tell me the same story over and over again.  My heart was broken over and over again.  Finally, at some point I realized that my horse was never coming.  What a cruel joke for a father to play on a child.  I never understood why he did this.  Now he's not here for me to ask him.   

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  1. Rene Wright
    Rene Wright
    Voted. I'm sorry you went through such a horrible ordeal like that. :( Parents shouldn't tease or torture their children in such a manner, & they definitely shouldn't make promises they can't keep. I do hope you don't give up your dream of having your own horse. They are so wonderful & if you are able to have your own horse, it may be able to help you heal from those wounds. Please check out my blogs & vote for any you like. Thanks!
  2. Chestnut Mare
    Chestnut Mare
    Voted. That is a really sad story, sorry to hear that. Your father should just have told you straight if they weren't going to get you a horse, that is much less cruel. Talking of cruelty, please check out my latest blog, The Horror of Horse-Racing, and vote if you like it, thanks! You might find it to be an eye-opener.

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