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My Favorite Riding Game
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My Favorite Riding Game

Sometimes doing the same thing every week can get boring, so I thought I would share my favorite riding game with you guys. I have been playing this for several years and it never gets boring. The cool part of the game is that you can change it to make it harder or easier. This game works best with more than 2 people but 2 people would also work. 

The game is called "Command Break and Out" its a weird name but a super awesome game! Basically you have a caller who anounces different things that you have to do, and then you have 3 seconds to do it. You can start with just walk (three seconds to walk), trot (three seconds to trot), and canter (three seconds to canter). Then you can move on to harder things like trot to halt, halt to trot, walk to canter, canter to halt, etc. Eventaully you can move on to things like counter-cantering, halt to canter, no stirrups, etc. Obviously you shouldnt do anything you dont feel comfortable doing. 

If you break (hence the name) before the next thing is called you are out. 

Anyways, if you are interested please try it out and let me know how you like it!

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