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My Dream: Riding the Brand Part 1
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My Dream: Riding the Brand Part 1

My dream of riding across America is huge for most people. At first I thought, I want to do this to find myself and to just be one with my horse in the great outdoors. Of course, when I was a kid, it was to escape the sorted details of my angered, torn-up life. 

I have always been enthralled with wild horses. Their freedom, way of life, strength, courage... that is the epitome of how I want to live my life, and somewhat do, to an extent. 

Though their freedom is rapidly being taken away from them in a bundle of hot-headed bureaucracy. Wild horses have no place in politics and vice versa. I see the threads constantly about this round-up and that round-up. How many horses lose their fight for life due to injuries that could have been prevented? Oh please, don't pull my rip cord on the subject. Everyone has an opinion about it, and unless you're on board with me, I simply don't want to hear it. There are pros and cons to everything about wild horses, and so after having thought about this for nearly my whole life, I've decided to try and do my part to help keep some of them free and to get some of them adopted. 

After thinking things through and of course getting very excited about the prospect, I am determined to make my ride across America with four Mustangs. 

Starting in Nevada, I'll adopt four mustangs, train them, and ride them on the long journey home. I will do this teaching folks along the way about them, fundraising for them, and hopefully find a few folks along the way who will adopt one or two of their own. 

Education is key for all of us, and the more folks who get educated about our precious wild horses, the better chance we have at keeping them managed on the range, and out of short and long term holding at the tax payers expense. 

I've enlisted thus far, the help of my sister who is uber excited about this trip. She's owned horses since she was a kid and has been riding, training, giving lessons, and even has her own business called Adventures on Horseback in the high desert of Nevada.  

I have set a semi-short termed goal of five years. That should give me enough time to get my riding legs back on, raise enough money for the equipment I'll need, and have a nice pasture waiting for them when they arrive. I'm also going to talk with our local 4-H club and see if there is an interest with kids in my area who would like to be involved in 4-H with horses but may not be able to afford the horse. By the time I make it home with these four mustangs, it is my goal and hope that they will be safe and sound for the kids to enjoy for a long time. 

I'm still in the planning stages of this long journey of mine. I've begun marking a trail across the U.S. that will be fun and safe for us to traverse without too many hitches. The next step will be to contact each state and find out exactly what I'll need in hand before crossing the borders as far as the horses go. Considering there aren't any trails marked on the route I have chosen, it should prove quite interesting. In fact, it will be a challenge of a lifetime. 

There are several "long riders" I will contact also about their journeys across our great nation, for tips and suggestions that will help me on mine. I welcome you to follow along in my planning and on my journey. I pray that this is what I am meant to do, to allow my heart and I hope that God guides me along each step of the way. 

I am sure this will be the ride of a lifetime, and if it goes well, there just may be others that come after it. 





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