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Mother's Day Ride
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Mother's Day Ride

Today I had a Mother's Day ride in memory of my mother who didn't want me to ride in the beginning for fear I'd get seriously hurt and also for myself. 

We took a few trips around the backyard. Not many, just a couple. I wanted to try out my new bareback pad that my sister had sent me and I wanted to test my courage. 

When I first got on, I sat there finding my balance and right away I noticed my legs didn't quiver or begin to feel like spaghetti right away. A sign I am getting more limber, stronger and I'm on the right track. 

Cookie is not a plod along pony. She is a forward moving mare. If you're not ready, too bad because she is on her way. At first, she tried to go into her stall in which I quickly put a whoa in place. Next time, I'll be sure to close that door and remove that little obstacle.  I also found that she doesn't really know a whole lot as far as signals other than voice commands. For those I am very thankful for. I learned she doesn't know how to neck rein, she doesn't know what "in frame" is and she doesn't know how to turn her forehand but has the "move your butt" down pretty well. This gives me a direction to go in with her training on the ground. 

I don't ride for long, maybe 10 to 15 minutes at the most because of my weight, weaknesses and because I don't want to cause harm to Cookie. In those few short moments I can see what we need to work on and what areas need improvement. All of these things can be done from the ground. The more she knows on the ground, the easier it will be to translate it while riding. 

It was a good ride. One I am proud of because it means I'm getting stronger, and building more confidence each time. By the time she's ready, I'll be ready and I am so looking forward to that nice long trail ride. 

*On a side note* I tape weighed her and she's at about 1020 lbs. Her feet are in good shape, she's not sore or gimpy walking like she was several days ago after her trim. Her attitude is good and her appetite is real good. If she hasn't drank a good bit of water by tomorrow morning I'll dump the trough and put plain water in there. She has vinegar mixed in today. Manure output is normal size, consistency and amount. 

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Thanks! Your brochure will be on its way shortly.
  1. autumnap
    Voted! Glad you had a good ride. x
    1. Rene Wright
      Rene Wright
      Thank you :) x

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