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Molly And Her Inspirational Hopping
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Molly And Her Inspirational Hopping

In 2005, hurricane Katrina, considered as the seventh most destructive Atlantic hurricane ever recorded, struck Southern Louisiana, taking hundreds of lives, damaging millions of houses and properties leaving thousands homeless and heartbroken. Because of the huge devastation, victims struggled to recover from the trauma causing them to abandon their pets, and that included Molly.

Molly, a female pony with a gray-spotted coat, was abandoned by her owners. She wandered on her own before she got rescued and housed in a farm. She stayed there along with other abandoned animals. While there, she was attacked and bitten by a pit bull terrier, and she suffered a bad injury that almost led to her death. 

For days, she endured the pain on her right leg. The wound got infected, so her vet made a passionate appeal to the specialists in the Louisiana State University for a treatment but seeing it was a welfare case, they did not offer any help.

But when the veterinary surgeon Rustin Moore met the injured Molly, he was impressed with the horse. Things changed as the poor pony captured his heart. He saw how she was suffering from her severely damaged leg and observed that she was careful upon lying down, turning to her sides to prevent pressure sores. Dr. Moore watched how Molly allowed other people to touch and handle her.

Dr. Moore was moved when he saw how the injured pony protected her leg. She constantly shifted her body, and avoided to put so much weight on her good leg. Moore thought she was a smart pony who seriously wants to survive and get well.

Dr. Moore agreed to do an operation on the poor pony. He performed a below-the-knee amputation. After the successful surgery, Dr. Moore introduced her to the folks at the Bayou Orthotic and Prosthetic center where they made artificial limb prosthesis. Molly walked out of the clinic, with a whole new life awaiting her.

This sweet gray pony used her prosthesis on a regular basis. Though Molly is able to walk around on her three legs, there are times she would show signs that she wants her new leg on.

Molly’s adoptive owner, Kaye Harris, started taking her to hospitals, shelters, rehabilitation centers and nursing homes, anywhere that Molly could inspire and encourage people to strive and be hopeful. Wherever she goes, people can feel her courage and hopeful spirit.

Molly survived the hurricane, endured weeks without a home and family, withstood pain from a horrible injury, and now, she has recovered and lived a new life. She is indeed a brave and tough horse.

With everything she has experienced and gone through, Molly has now become an inspiration to others, especially to the victims of hurricane Katrina. Her story of hope and bravery gave light to those who are facing challenges and difficulties in life. If you are among those who think life is hopeless and that you will never make it, have you met Molly?

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    I would love to see some pictures of molly!! ????

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