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Miss Cookie Clause-There's a lesson in it
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Miss Cookie Clause-There's a lesson in it

Oh the things we put our children through.. or in this case our horses. lol. Today I decided to get a few Christmas pics of Miss Cookie Clause. 

Cookie is pretty good about not going all to pieces over sudden noises, movement, things flapping-flying in the air. That was not the case with tree skirts. She approached me as she has been doing lately, which is a great sign she's getting more comfortable with her surrounds & with me. Then she smelled the tree skirt & decided she wasn't having any of it, turned, run off a little bit, kicking her heels up & shaking her head. Which said I'm playing a game with you now, 'cause I ain't wearing that, nor am I having anything to do with it. So, here I go, wearing my Santa hat, flapping this tree skirt all over the place. Using pressure & release, it took about 10 minutes for her feet to stop  & about 5 minutes for her to stop flinching. She finally realized that the tree skirt wasn't out to get her & followed me around a bit. I put the tree skirt around her neck & the hat on her ear. I backed up a few steps & started snapping pics with my phone. She's such a good, smart little cookie & I'm so happy to have her in my life. I'm pretty sure she feels the same, though sometimes I get the impression that she thinks I'm more of an annoyance than anything else. LOL. The "looks" I get from her don't last long & I'm still learning a whole lot from her. Merry Christmas Miss Cookie Clause. 

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