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Mini Horses Training Basics
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Mini Horses Training Basics

Getting into the groove of training a mini horse is basically the same as training a regular-sized one. But it doesn’t mean that you can bypass basic routines just because it’s a miniature horse. Applying the same large horse training techniques on a small horse can result in the same efficiency, build trust, and gain you control with mini horse as well.

Longeing Procedure

In order to longe your mini horse properly, you need a well-fitting halter and a 30 to 40 foot longe line. Next, you should attach the longe line to the lower ring of the halter right under the horse’s chin. Make him move to the left by giving him some slack on the line, direct him in a manner of pulling left on the line, and simultaneously raise your right hand. Then wave your right hand up and down, or spank your hip in order to make some noise, and get the horse moving. Use the longe to switch hands and raise the opposite hand in order to make him move to the right.

Round Pen Appliance

This is a must have tool for any horse trainer or owner. Encourage your horse to move away from you in such a way that you can turn your shoulders in the desired direction your horse should move while waving your hand at the same time. Give commands in a smooching manner to make noise, and make a cue your mini relates by moving forward. Maintain his movement and then ask him to make a turn by stepping in front of him while having your shoulder facing the opposite direction and waving the opposite hand. This technique should train him to change directions when moving. Next, make him stop moving by stepping in front of him and sternly saying ‘’whoa.’’ If he doesn’t respond to the command, try stepping in the opposite direction and repeat the command until you make him stop.   

Ground Work Technique

After you train your horse to move and turn, train it to turn and stop from the ground before you ride or hook him to a cart. Get him comfortable to using a bridle and smooth snaffle bit. Fix the reins on each side of the snaffle bit. Encourage him to walk forward while having both reins in one hand, then command him to stop while applying even, backward pressure to the reins, the same way you would if you were riding. Release one of the reins and train him to give him nose and react to brusque rein pressure. Stand on the side you intend to make him turn and gently drag his nose toward yourself. The moment he reacts by ‘’giving’’ his nose, release the pressure. You are supposed to do this on each side until he reacts to the slightest pressure.  

Useful Tips

  • Make sure to always move far enough from your mini horse in order to be out of the kicking range.
  • If a horse acts irrepressibly, do not hesitate from using a whip but never use the whip to hit the horse. Instead, hit the ground behind it; the mere noise should be enough of a motivation for the horse.
  • Position the snaffle bit right behind the horse’s back teeth instead of sliding it down onto its tongue.
  • Make sure to spend quality time on daily basis brushing your mini and bonding with it. In such a manner, you establish trust and partnership between you and your mini.


Image source: flickr.com

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