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Mini Horses Are Not Cats nor Dogs
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Mini Horses Are Not Cats nor Dogs

A lot of people love to have pets. They like the idea of having a furry and adorable creature around the house that they can cuddle, tickle and treat as family. But there has been a growing trend of adopting mini horses as pets. They are lovable and charming but is it a good idea to treat them like companion animals?

Mary Stewart, the founder and president of Angels for Minis Miniature Horse Rescue, emphasized that in every sense of the word, these animals are horses. She also pointed out that those who want to have mini horses as pets must realize that just because they are cute and cuddly does not mean they will act like a dog or cat. They still retain natural horse behavior and they will act like horses – buck, jump or kick – and bringing them inside the house may mean disaster.

Miniature or mini horses were first bred in the 1600's in Europe. They are the scaled-down versions of a standard-size equine and their height does not exceed 34 inches or a single meter. Because of their small stature, mini horses had been considered as pets by the nobility in 1765 and used in coal mines as mine workers once the use of young kids was prohibited.

Stewart's nonprofit organization has been adopting and caring for this unique breed of equines for a number of years. The mini horse rescue house is dedicated to the rehabilitation of unwanted, abused or neglected minis and the promotion of their health and well-being.

Stewart shared a few things that people should know about getting a mini horse:

  • Before adopting a mini horse, make sure to have the experience of being with a standard horse first to help understand the difference between having a horse and a cat or dog.
  • Take note that not all horses eat grass. There are some that just cannot take in and digest grass and thus require another food source, like hay.
  • Always consider the cost of caring for a miniature horse before adopting one as they require attention and upkeep; an owner should be ready and able to afford to take care of the animal and best promote its health and welfare.
  • Minis are herd animals, which means they can depressed when they are removed from their group. For that reason, they should be bought in pairs.
  • When considering the adoption of a mini horse, also consider seeking out a veterinarian who specializes in this breed. An owner will want to be able to get at least two check-ups a year for their mini.

Taking care of an animal, be it a dog, rabbit, cat or mini horse, requires passion, commitment and willingness. They may just be animals but they too have feelings and understand whether they are being loved and cared for, or neglected and mistreated.

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  1. jst4horses
    Thank you so much for this article. I love to SEE mini horses. I love to see them free, and often I see them working in therapy programs where they are older rescued minis that are in a good life with a lot of love. BUT, they are herd animals, and deserve to live as horses. I also have seen way too many minis being abused by children who think it is a bicycle or other toy. I was at a stable one day where the neighboring ranch had bought a mini for their kids. A mini driving in competition with ONE person is NOT the same as a tiny horse like a nightmare scene out of Black Beauty being whipped by a kid, who has stuffed the little wagon with a LOT of screaming kids who are TOO MUCH weight for the little horse ( I have also seen this with ponies). I am the type that will go over and ASK the kids to get a clue, and if that does not work, I will CALL animal abuse, and if THAT does not work, I will call PETA.
    1. Westolivedeb
      Thank you for your response, jat4horses!! .. You have pointed out all of my thoughts in your answer. Thanks !!!
  2. James Kenway
    Im the kind of person Who is deslikeking all horse compatition big or small horse's. Couse of all the pain and stress the horse's god troug with No exeption. There is seveal cases for this but on all fronts there is aguments on top of aguments. Her is from both sides (i support the 'don't ride' side' 1. The facts abute bits: Bits Couse pain in the horse's mouth and its more a tortur tool then a control tool. In the gum where the bit press down at when pulling the reins there is a huge network of nerves. Thise network of nerve is present down over the sharp lower jaw that is as sharp as the unsharp side of a normal knife used to put things on bread. Thus its troug this pain that they tur there head becouse they very quickly Lean 'ouch a pain on left side of My jaw, oh its removed when ive turned left'.... riders often aguments 'My horse love having a bit, going to shows, run around barral, wearing a bridle, or what have ya. They argue how there horse anyway Comes over to them when they called on the field and wont do that if Bits was so bad and they know it is time for a ride. And behaps there IS some horse's out there Who actualy likes to be riden. That bring be to the second descution areal. 2. Complomized bloodflow:isimia, in the muscle... It is true that horse's have wonderfull regenaration progreses when it comes to heal after being wounded or Hurt or sick. But lets taik a look on what goes on beneat us each and every time the horse taiks someone for a ride. Dr. Joyce harman wrote in her journal of veterinary science volume 14. No 11, 1994. She wrote: "for the purposes of this study, saddles with pressures of up to 1,93 were granded an excellent fit, between 2,0 and 3,38 without persistent pressure point were granded fair and saddles that exeeded 3,4 psi or had persistent pressure point throghout the session were granded poor" these numbers were derived from preliminary data indicating that it was defficult to find an english saddle with pressure below point 0,75 psi, which is the highest pressure found in the capillary bed pressures that exceed 0,75 psi will close down the bloodflow in the arterial capillary bed... what does it meen when the blood is shot down? It is what happens on a small scale when we press on our skin and it turns White, or if we sit on an awkward position for a longer amount of time and we expiriance our num or leg 'going to sleep.' We are all femeliar with the painfull prosses of blood coming back in to our lem's Even mile once that ecthe and Hurt. This study was done with hig tec sensor pad, but only with limits to the level of the skin. Emagin what harm it does to the muskle. And thats just the saddle, on top of that comes the girt that further press the saddle down on its back to keep it in place, and on top of that the rider. And there you have the answers to why so many horse's get sore back... when it comes down to facts, science have putted down to date that Even after selectiv breeding for generations, the horse's back was never build for carry wheit from above.... i write more laiter.
  3. James Kenway
    Okay. Let me just name 1 more Thing abute the pressure on the back issue i forgot be fore... the girt, beside holden down the saddle as said before that improved the pressure Even further, it also close the bloodflow in the whole area the girt is around. So thats anoder downside with saddle. Riders aguments in responde to this is "but we need the saddle so that we better can stay on the horse when it run of with me, shuld its flight instingt trikker on a Nice trail ride, or if it shuld buck we need to coyld get it under control" or "the saddle prevent our full pressure to burden the main back bone too much, also we always look for the most compfortebel and Best fitting saddle we can effort for our horse's well being." The easy responde to that is the question if all thats really worth it considering all the bad Thing the saddle does? What can we do for our horse's well being? The answers is simple... first, we can care for them, feed them, love them, Pet, scrats and play with them, have liberty walk with them out on field, over hills, forest or what nature you May have around you. Second, you can learn to undestand there langues, the way they really cumunicate. There is two langues they use. First is via feelings, witch is abute being present with a feelings so intensly that oders feel thise feelings from you as did they travel troug the air like sound and horse's pick up on this as a langues. Second is there body langues, a langues of physinoligy and movement, the langues of our actions. This is only a secondary langues to them that they turn to when they feel what they felt not was noticed or was ignored... now comes the question, is all that really worth it considering how much it cost to keep horse's? If what you seek is real friendship, love, and to expiriance true friendship, and be a person thats respectfull to all life and its creations. Then yes it is indeed worth it to give up control and riding. But if your one Who have a horse souly to ride it, to win compatitions and trophys. Then No, its not worth it, and you will cuntinuely want to use bits spurs and whips and saddle and control the horse to do as you Desire...

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