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Mini Horse Craves Love
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Mini Horse Craves Love

Grace, strength, and swift speed - these are the words that have become synonymous with horses. Miniature horses however, are something else altogether. No taller than an average dog and light enough to pick up in your arms, mini horses give a whole new meaning to the word adorable.

Known to be friendly with humans and interacting very well with them, there is nothing a mini horse craves more than love. Mini horses are very popular as pets and are often used as guide animals for handicapped people. Some also keep them for being displayed at horse shows for activities such as equine agility and driving.

Pony or Miniature Horse?

While the question might arise in a quizzical mind regarding a pony and miniature horse being one and the same, the truth is very different. One look at the two is sure to clear up the confusion, for mini horse breeders keep in mind that a mini horse looks like an exact miniature replica of a horse, as opposed to the distinguishing features of a pony like short legs, thick necks, or big bellies.

While a Welsh Pony may be as high as 56 inches and an American Shetland as much as 48 inches tall, a mini horse in comparison is no taller than 34 to 38 inches. This height is measured at the very last hair found in the mane of the horse.

The Birth of Mini Horses

Mini horses come in every possible horse color and have many kinds. The first miniature horse was bred in 1978, and people truly loved the idea of it and craved to have one. Some of the earliest mini horses looked like draft horses, whereas others bore similarities to riding horses. Both were very popular, albeit the fact that they had short legs and a protruding belly.  

Types of Mini Horses

However, clever breeding methods have changed this. Today, breeders are very careful as to ensure that they breed mini horses with magnificent, well-proportioned bodies, as well as beautiful heads. Recently, only two types of mini horses have been known. One is a kind quite similar to a quarter horse, known as the Stock-horse type. These generally have broad chests and muscular legs.

The other type is known as the refined type, a name earned because of the hores’ tell-tale slimmer body type and much finer bones. With a head much like that of an Arabian horse, it has eyes that appear large in size and a gentle muzzle.

Some families have realized the mini horses’ craving for love, and keep them as loving pets. However, for someone who may not be able to keep pets but wishes to see these horse anyway, visiting shows at county fairs or the nearest breeder is also a good option.

Due to the recent boom in popularity for mini horses across the country, some breeders even offer shows or wagon rides for anyone who visits during summers. A miniature horse that encapsulates the regalness of a big horse as well added adore-nature due to its small size becomes a perfect pet, and is sure to be loved by all.



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