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Metaboss Deserves All the Praise
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Metaboss Deserves All the Praise

The relationship between horses and humans is one that has existed since prehistoric times. The very first horses were known to be domesticated by Asian nomads as early as 4,000 years ago and it was only due to the invention of the engine that horses lost their prior importance to humans. Various cultures still regard horses with being synonymous with honor, with reference to being an achievement of war.

Horse Racing

The speed at which an average horse gallops is calculated to be around 27 mph. However, the average speed is known to vary, depending upon the training given to the horse and also whether the horse is employed mainly for domestic use or for the sake of racing. Horses that are used for domestic purposes only belong to one species. However, as many as 400 varying breeds still thrive, each carrying out a range of activities, yet specializing in one specific field, anything from wagon pulling to racing.

Horse racing is a sport that mainly revolves around horses galloping at high speeds. Horse racing can be sorted into two different categories, racing on the flat and harness racing. Harness racing refers to an event where the horse is usually hauling a vehicle with a driver present, mainly standardbreds. Racing on the flat involves thoroughbreds jockeyed by a rider.  Races on the flat may also involve jumping, such as hurdle races and steeple chase. Being one of the oldest kinds of sport known to mankind, it is however surprising that is hasn’t undergone any material changes since its advent, although it must be stressed that it has evolved from a mere match between two horses.


The little horse with a big heart, as he has come to be known now, Metaboss is the talk of the town after his win in the El Camino Real Derby. The Homeless Handicappers are the proud owners of the three-year old chestnut colt who deserves all the praise he gets from them.

The Trainer

“Metaboss is getting better with every start”, says trainer Jeff Bonde. For the first few months Jeff was skeptical about Metaboss’s capability to become a derby horse, but things have changed now. Metaboss is looking forward to a shot at the Kentucky Derby 2015 and deserves all the praise that he gets.

The Team

Jeff Bonde is a highly experienced trainer who is passionate about his work and horses. He is the best Metaboss could have gotten. Chaco, Mario and Tony are also fully committed to the task at hand and Metaboss is in the best shape he has ever been. With the support of all of the handicappers, we have a formidable contender backed by a committed team that has its eyes set on the prize.

Metaboss is not only in great shape but also mentally focused. Regardless of the surface, if he thinks like a winner then he can definitely win. The team will continue to put out a hundred percent effort and hopefully it will pay off. Metaboss deserves all the praise and support by the team and is looking forward to a better season at the derby this year.

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