Of Horse

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Memories, what a wonderful thing,

A piece of time remembered forever.

Hard to believe it’s been two years

From one particular day.

I brought you into the barn,

Cleaned you up and buckled on my saddle.

You stood still as I lifted myself onto your back,

Like many times before.

And then we were off,

On a leisurely walk in the snow.

It was a bit cold but it didn’t matter,

As I was with you, not a care in the world.

You had a kingly air,

As one surveying his kingdom,

Making sure everything was in place.

We were in another world,

Without any troubles or fears.

You had so much wisdom,

Behind those dark brown eyes.

But just like every ride,

There always was an end.

Back inside I removed the tack

And strapped your blankets back on.

Your winter hair was very black,

Just as I always dreamed.

You and I were a perfect match,

Helping me to grow.

Patience is a virture,

You always made it clear.

Looking back with tears flowing,

To that cherished ride,

As it was to be our last.

Only a few days later,

I stayed by your side

As pain racked your body.

I saw it in your eyes,

The will to fight this battle.

But in the end it was far too much,

And sadly I had to decide,

To keep you in your pain,

Or to release you from this world.

It hurt me so much to say goodbye,

As I watched you breathe your last.

But now you’re free from pain,

Running across the green meadows in the clouds,

Squealing with excitement.

I was so blessed to have you in my life,

And you to be a part of mine.

Though you’re no longer by my side,

You’re forever in my heart,

As the horse of my dreams,

My beloved Black Stallion, Elmo.

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  1. sweedly
    Beautiful way to remember your horse. Voted. Check out my blog The Loss of Heinkin and Imagine This, and vote if you like.

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