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Meet the Unicorn Who Is Horsing Around
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Meet the Unicorn Who Is Horsing Around

Apparently, coming out of the closet is not exclusive to humans anymore. Horses have now taken a stand, and the horse formerly known as Biscuit is perhaps one of the first of many to lead the charge. Biscuit has declared that she is a unicorn by heart.

Of course, she decided to change her name to something that's more fitting of a unicorn. She is now known as Chestnut Rainbow Hooves, which is quite the mouthful but totally loaded with cuteness.

Miss Chestnut Rainbow Hooves hails from Spokane, Washington and is now recognized as America's first ever unicorn. Local residents love her, but there are some criticisms from the American Veterinary Medical Association. She is, after all they say, just a horse wearing a party hat that's supposed to be her "horn".

But this didn't discourage Chestnut Rainbow Hooves. She "explained" her decision of becoming a unicorn as a result of the cartoon series My Little Pony. According to her, she loved My Little Pony because "friendship is magic".

It's quite difficult to argue with that. Who doesn't like magic? And unicorns are sort of like the superheroes of the horse world with their magical powers and majestic forms.

Unicorns are legendary animals that many believe to have actually existed. Their horns projecting from their foreheads are not only the source of their powers, but they were said to possess great strength and provide a good deal of protection. It was believed that when a unicorn was in danger of being captured, it throws itself from a precipice and tries to land in such a way that its horns take the full impact of the fall, and thus is able to walk away unharmed.

A unicorn's horn was believed to possess healing abilities including the ability to purify poisoned water. Unicorns are also symbols of grace and purity. According to folklore, a unicorn can only be captured by a virgin.

With these qualities, horses can't really be blamed for looking up to unicorns and wanting to be in their hooves. It's not much different from some of us wanting to be knights or superhero vigilantes. And who are we to deny Chestnut Rainbow Hooves of what she truly feels?

As fascinating as unicorns are and as cool as it is to be known as the home of America's first and perhaps only unicorn, there were some residents from Spokane who were not too happy with it. They consider this reputation to be somewhat embarrassing.

Well, let's face it. Unicorns and shows like My Little Pony are not for everyone. But you'd be hard-pressed to convince little girls to turn away from these things, and that should be more than enough for Chestnut Rainbow Hooves.

Perhaps this movement that Chestnut has started may snowball into a more amazing era for horses. God knows we can use many more unicorns in this world.

And it's not a bad thing to add some variety into the mix. After all, you still have winged horses and colored horses and whatever else kind of horse there is. If you check out My Little Pony, you can see for yourself that the possibilities are endless.

Cheers to Chestnut Rainbow Hooves for paving the way for other horses. Now all she has to do is live her life with her new identity and horse around as much as she wants.

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  1. MReynolds
    Love this! :)
  2. Animal Whisperer Rosi Caswell
    Ha Ha great story, As far as the Healing goes, horses are some of the best Healers on the planet, but they are happy to incorporate Unicorn Healing also; the more the better!!
  3. BiologyBrain
    You win the internet today!

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