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Meet the Horse Whisperer
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Meet the Horse Whisperer

Meet Sheryl Jordan, a 56-year old equestrian woman whose uncanny way of communicating with horses has led her to be labeled the “horse whisperer”. As the director of Salamander Resort and Spa which is located in Middleburg, VA, this is a skill that comes in handy in her profession.

Jordan insists that horses, like humans, deserve to be treated with respect especially when communicating with them. This is a far cry to the approach of dominating these strong animals, which many people seem to adopt. She believes that in order to assert your will on these animals, one has to be a leader rather than going with the norm. She therefore insists that people should learn to discern the difference to be able to “whisper” even when dealing with people.

So how did she become such a pro with horses?

Her background which spans 4 decades, features extensive work with horses, something that has led her to be an expert in this field. It also goes further than that as her first horse at the tender age of 2, was a rocking horse.

This planted the seed which is why she was already riding ponies at age 3. Her intimate connection with them didn’t start until she got a job at a stable when she was 12 years. This is where she learned how sensitive horses really are.

What to Expect From the Horse Whisperer’s Classes

It therefore follows that she strives to share her unique skills with other people through classes that feature an extensive curriculum. These classes welcome individuals, families and groups who are eager to meet her in order to have a deeper understanding of these magnificent creatures.

Her students learn important factors like body language which dictates the attitude of the horse. The “self-carriage” is one such posture that encourages students to puff up their chests by standing and lifting the rib cage confidently while not posing any threat. This, she believes, is recognized as a show of strength and power by the horses, thus doing so makes them take notice.

Students of Jordan’s classes also get to learn from her expertise on how to handle a horse by being in a pen with one. Since her mantra is being passive and non-threatening to the horses, her students get to learn that by practicing the related stunts on live horses.

Impacts of her Classes

Many stories abound about her classes have helped people, especially newbies, in this field equipping them well to be able to deal with horses in a gentle manner. She also helps people coming from abusive relationships who need counseling. Her belief in the power of therapy through horses does not let such people down as many have been healed through her methods.

This is because horses, she believes, don’t recognize people’s titles or statuses. What matters is how you treat them which determine whether they will take to you or not. This is the reason why many people are eager to meet the horse whisperer and learn her ways of tackling these animals.

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  1. jst4horses
    I always love to hear of people who use natural horse communications rather than whips, and kicks and tools of torture. There are so many real horse listeners in this world, and have been so many to learn from. My book "Carousel Horse" is just out, it is an inclusive teaching manual about therapeutic horsemanship and equine therapy, so I am glad to find others who are using their skills to help people as well. Cesar, the Dog Whisperer shows in most of his programs the healing of the people, not just the animals in his work. Monty Roberts uses his equine therapy and therapeutic horsemanship program to heal our veterans. Our programs at Oak Meadow Ranch in Southern California do the same. It is the horses that heal, there is no doubt about it. I personally, have been around horses my whole life, starting at six months old at Griffith Park pony rides with my Dad proudly holding me on the pony as it walked around on a lead. I never knew that until late in my forties when he said one day he had always loved horses but was afraid of them, and was proud of my career, and that of my younger son, another true horse whisperer since his early teens when he started training out bad horses for performance and racing stables. I had always thought my Dad was my original horsemanship teacher. Nope, he said, just took you to the pony park ride at six months old and every time I came out of hospital (he had been shot in WWII and was in and out of hospital for many, many operations for decades). I am currently writing Carousel Too, and Still Spinning, which are NOT children's inclusion learning books, but will be used to teach the community about helping our veterans...........one of my riding students said one day, you know what Ms. Liz, I think YOU are a horse! Could not have gotten a nicer compliment. I taught our Director for the veteran programs and she is amazing. She was able to join up her first horse, a tricky thoroughbred, even named Tricky........and then a too hot barrel racing champion in just her first day. She is a child whisperer, and certainly an amazing veteran whisperer, healing as she goes, often in just a few moments.......God bless all who take the time to learn to listen to horses, and to learn from others who listen to horses and other people to help us all heal.
  2. KMVance
    Wonderful when someone takes time to talk to the amimals...

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