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Meet the Miracle Horse
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Meet the Miracle Horse

Via Lattea, is truly a miracle horse as she was born albino with very mesmerizing brown eyes. Scientists are constantly trying to figure out what could be the possible reasons for this uniqueness as both the parents of Via Lattea were dark. This Italian beauty is one of the rarest trotters in the world. History has recorded only 3 albino pure white trotters to date. This is a very rare case and therefore is an unusual sight.

Scientists have come to conclusions stating that this is a rare case of equine genome where in the foals color remains white at birth. This beautiful miracle celebrates her birth date on April 5, 2014. The breeders of Via Lattea were initially shocked with the foal’s color as the sire and the dam were both dark bay in color. Research has proved that dark horses breeding can very rarely give birth to an albino foal.

However, the possibility still exists. The sire, ViaLattea’s father, has been a successful racer and has won almost every horse race without much difficulty. Her darn, Vialattea’s mother, has successfully given birth to talented foals who have later turned out to be successful racers too. The breeders hope Via Lattea could be an example of beauty with skills.

Albino foals are extremely rare. There are precisely only 3 known cases of albino horses - one born in Canada in the year 1998, another one in New Jersey in 2012 and third one is our very own Via Lattea on April 5, 2014. As of now, these are the only 3 horses or mares that have been born albino. However, there still are certain questions and unclear ideas about Via Lattea being an albino or not.  

This was the first part of the study where in the determination of the foals clear skin was to be confirmed. The foal is truly an albino because the foal has a pure white coat which remains the same even near the eyes.

However, the eyes are brown which is different from the foals and adult horses. The fact that Via Lattea is an albino baby was proven with a scientific procedure which is called the KIT gene exon test. During this test, a calculation and a thorough detail of the gene's mutation is carried out which helps us to know if the foal is an albino or not.  The second part of the test, which involves sending Via Lattea’s samples to the United States, is still due as the breeder is looking out for someone to sponsor the test at a sum up to a total of €20,000.

When the breeder was asked if he would like Via Lattea’s career to be in horse racing too, he instantly replied saying that albino’s are not made to race. Even though he clearly mentioned a straight forward no for horse racing, he still seems skeptical about her future. He hopes she too will be successful like the other horses he has loved and trained.

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