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Meet Spanky and Dally
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Meet Spanky and Dally

People across the US are delighted to witness an amusing friendship shared between a horse and a terrier dog. This is the story of a miniature horse that is just 32 inch tall, and his best friend, who happens to be none other than a Jack Russell Terrier.

The two of them are rocking stages all over the US through their stunning performances. Seven-year-old Spanky and six-year old Dally have become real buddies under the kind care of Ms. Francesca Carson.

Horse trainer Ms. Carson from Spokane, Washington, rescued the miniature horse, Spanky and the Jack Russell Terrier, Dally. Spanky was just two at that time. She brought the equine friend home and started to train him. She noticed a peculiar thing during the training sessions; her one-year old Terrier would watch the horse’s training avidly. Dally made it a routine to watch Spanky during his training and on one such occasion she jumped on Spanky’s back, instigating the start of their friendship.

The two of them formed a rare and inspiring bond which is now being witnessed by millions at in the US and abroad. The trust between the two adorable creatures is a large part of their charm. People watch with great amusement at how Spanky allows Dally to jump on his back. Once up there, like an expert jokey, Dally keeps her balance perfectly on his back and even stays with the momentum as he runs and jumps around the field.

Amazing videos show a confident Dally riding without a saddle on the back of Spanky, acting as his guide while jumping over hurdles and doing scores of other tricks. Dally is fond of taking a quick nap snuggling around the comfortable large belly of Spanky. Spanky allows Dally to do whatever she likes; the trust he has for her is really inspiring to see.

They recently appeared on David Letterman’s Late Show to show off their tricks. Ms. Carson explains that Dally always feels a hunger for performing before an audience and when the show time comes, anyone can perceive the excitement in her. She likes the higher position on Spanky’s back as she can see many things up from there.

Ms. Carson has ten other horses at her ranch and she offers horsemanship programs. Her days changed after she brought Spanky home. Maybe she didn’t think in the beginning how the friendship of the two would change her world. Now she is traveling all around the US with two of her special companions.

The friendship between the two is undoubtedly a unique one; from the beginning of their getting together, Dally has always been trying to keep Spanky out of harm’s way. She never allows other dogs to come near him; if she sees one too close, she growls to drive him away. If alone, Spanky often enjoys running at a good speed but he never tries it if Dally is riding on him. Moreover, they don’t just perform together but like to share their meals and drink together just like friends.

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