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Meet Fabuleax 5 and Get Inspired by His Rider
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Meet Fabuleax 5 and Get Inspired by His Rider

This is a story for inspiration, an account of partnership between two amazing creatures, a horse and a woman. “Fabuleax 5” is the fabulous horse ridden by Bettina Eistel, and together they are making history. Bettina is physically challenged, as she was born with no arms because of a harmful drug called thalidomide that her mother took before her birth. Growing up in Germany, where she was born in 1961, was definitely not easy for a child with a disability. Nevertheless, the fact that she was handicapped did not hold her down; instead, Ms. Eistel excelled in achieving what she was destined to become, a horse rider without arms.

Nature probably has its own way of compensating people that are born with serious deficiencies and in Bettina’s case, the compensation was the company of a fabulous horse, Fabuleax 5. Seemingly, her mission is to cope with the commands of Bettina. They participate in events like “Paralympics” -- an “Olympic” that is meant for physically challenged athletes. It was soon found that Bettina had a natural ability and strong will to compensate her deficiency, perhaps because she was born disabled rather than becoming disabled at some point in her life. Because of this, she has learned to make use of her feet from an early age. 

Fabuleax 5 is a talented horse too; he has learned over time how to respond to his rider without arms. The partnership that has been established between the two of them is unparalleled; its an emotional bondage that keeps them moving on the ground and lets them achieve wonderful things. The most amazing driving force behind their success in events like paralympics is the strong determination Bettina holds in her heart for success. She has developed ways to saddle and bridle her horse, hose down and wrap him with blanket -- all with her feet, and Fabuleax 5 seems to enjoy all these.

As you can see, this particular horse has a much different temperament than other horses that participate in competitive events. Fabuleax 5 behaves with complete consciousness about the disability of his rider. He runs with grace and kindness and lets Bettina feel proud of herself and her horse. It is for reasons like those that they have been such a successful duo in the Paralympics. There seems to be a silent communication of spirits between the two of them; consequently, they understand each other on extremely high level. Bettina rides by steering with her legs while she holding the reins in her mouth between her teeth, and Fabuleax 5 is able to follow those commands.

Bettina Eistel and her horse, Fabuleax 5, are a perfect example of what can be achieved with strong determination and genuine partnership. Their partnership is full of passion, as the horse understands her physical limitations and in turn moves with a different, softer temperament. On the other hand, Bettina is very successful in transforming her spirit to her horse that has created a bondage between the two of them that is serene, respectful and quite lovely.

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  1. Tia Maria
    Absolutely inspiring ! Thank you for sharing

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