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Measuring a Horse's Head for the Right Size Halter
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Measuring a Horse's Head for the Right Size Halter

There are four different types of horse halters according to the size, and those are as follows: pony, cob, horse and draft. You cannot ride a horse who does not halter and lead. Halters can be partially adjusted on each side and when it goes to the higher end halters the noseband, throatlatch as well as the crown piece can be adjusted independently. It is necessary to have your horse’s head measured before you purchase halter in order to buy the best-fitting one available.

1. Put one side of the tape measure at the half point somewhere between horse’s cheekbone and its nostrils. Wrap the tape measure over the nose to the adequate point on the other side of the horse’s head. Take a note of the measurement for the horse’s noseband part of the head.

2. From the same spot between the horse’s cheek and the nostril, wrap the measurement tape below the horse’s head to make the measurement for the bottom part of its noseband. It is important to record the measurement in your notebook.

3. Put the end of the measurement tape precisely underneath the horse’s cheek bone on the side of its head. Wrap the measurement tape around its head to the adequate spot on the other side of its face. Place the end of your tape measure directly below your horse's cheek bone on the side of his face. Take a note of measurement for the crown piece of your halter.

4. Put the end of the measuring tape a few inches behind the horse’s eye, near the top of its larynx part of the neck. Make a measurement from below its throat to the adequate piece on the other side of its face. Take a note of the measurement for the throatlatch part of your brand new halter.


Image source: https://www.flickr.com/

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