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Mares Oh My!
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Mares Oh My!

Mares are different. You either love them or you don’t. I find few who are in the gray area when it comes to owning a mare.  For example, I bought Rose when she was three years old.  I really think she picked me. I looked at several other horses, but Rose nuzzled and licked me right from our first visit. It was an instant connection. Over the last few years, she has given me a run for my money, that is for sure. We had issues with every aspect of her training and her attitude.

Princess Rose thought she should be looked at, told how beautiful she is, and given a peppermint. As far as she was concerned, that was it. She and I have had many discussions over the years, as to who is in charge and whether or not I was to get on her back.  She hated my leg on her. She hated being told to change gaits. She turned around and bit my leg right in front of the judge, and when she said she was done for the day, she meant it. Yes, she frustrated me, and I am sure I frustrated her. I would spend hours every day trying to figure her out. I had a feeling she was doing the same.

As you can see, it has been a journey with her for sure.  However, when I walk up to the barn and hear her nicker to me and when sees me from out in the pasture and comes running up to me, I cave every time.  Today, Rose has decided that I can ride her. I think she enjoys our rides now. I have been told “well, that’s a mare for you. They are temperamental.” I guess it is true, but I wouldn’t have her any other way. That is what owning a mare is all about. 



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  1. arabobsession
    Great post, I too am a mare owner Arab/Andalusian and chestnut, my gosh talk about heaps of attitude in one body, but I love her to pieces. She only ever whinnies when she see's me, she doesn't like anyone else going into her yard, not even to pick up manure if I;m not there. We have come a long way in the last 6 months, with my riding skills improving greatly. It seems I have reached a point where she feels I either know too much now or am asking too much now, cause we are back to arguing about who is boss. Every ride every day on a mare is exciting and different. I have never owned a gelding and never will, I like not knowing what the day will bring too much. Mares rule. voted
  2. krysten Labrecque
    krysten Labrecque
    I like it! I have a 6 year old 15.2 Off Track Thoroughbred. I've had her for 2+ years and we have had our challenges. I purchased her w/ 2 months of training, and several months of light work with a pasture life. I myself had been riding for a short frame of time; 3 months of bi-weekly lessons, and then riding heavily for several weeks over the summer as a kid visiting my grandparents. I had to teach her how to be an all-around horse while I was trying to learn about how I wanted to communicate with my horse. We've tried multiple activities; trail riding, hunters, jumpers, LOTS OF FLAT WORK, and the most beneficial ground work. The more i've learned to communicate and read her body-language the better we get along, and progress as a team. Mares till the end! They're a challenge and a blessing, always encouraging me to better my horsemanship :)

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