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Man Vs Horse, Bizarre Race, Unexpected Result
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Man Vs Horse, Bizarre Race, Unexpected Result

In an unusual race challenge against a horse, a marathon runner scored a victory. Adam Holland, 27 years old, proved that two legs can beat four by winning from a race against Tango, an Appaloosa Welsh Horse.

Adam is a record breaking marathon runner and the youngest runner to have succeeded 100 marathons. He also holds the world record for being the fastest person to finish 10 marathons in 10 days. His recent achievement is beating a horse named Tango in a 10-mile race through the Devon shire Countryside.

Not Straightforward 

The young runner believes that he being an efficient downhill runner gave him the advantage to win against Tango and its owner, Kate Melville, by a difference of ten minutes. An expert in equine exercise said that there are various scientific reasons why the outcome of the event was not how most people perceived it will be.

According to Dr. David Martin, the horse has the advantage in terms of bio mechanics because of its four legs. It uses less energy and is more effective. However, Adam is at the peak of his fitness. He has the ability to regulate his diet and exercise routine to better utilize his stored energy for the race.

On the other hand, the horse has a better capacity to utilize oxygen, but due to its weight and size, it produces more body heat which serves as a disadvantage. Moreover, the changes in ground condition will cause for the horse to use more energy and to slow down for turns.

For a Good Cause

The event was held to raise money for Brathay Trust, a charity that aids vulnerable children and young people to improve their quality of life. According to Adam, it was Kate who suggested that he (who’s running name is also Tango) should compete with her horse Tango to raise money.

In this epic man-versus-beast challenge, Adam proved that he has the capacity to beat his own record which will take place next month. He aspires to complete 10 marathons in less than 3 hours around Windermere, England’s largest lake. People see him as a determined and focus runner that has a unique running approach.

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  1. Danielle de la Mont
    Danielle de la Mont
    Unexpected result! I hadn't heard about this event and the science is interesting.

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