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Making the Right Call...
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Making the Right Call...

Well, as I sit here on this gorgeous, cool, sunny morning all I can think is "Man I wish we were showing today"; like I was supposed to be doing. The last two days we have had HUGE rains here in North Central Texas. Bringing the temperature down by almost 30 degrees. 

As of yesterday afternoon it was still raining and the weatherman said there was a chance it could still be raining in the morning. Worried about parking and the conditions at the show facility I emailed to see if the show was still on and if parking was going to be an issue. I was told that parking shouldn't be an issue but if it was still raining in the morning that they would cancel the show. Well, that got me thinking. Do I really wanna get up at 3:00am again and start getting Ariana ready for a show that may or may not even happen. And with this temperature change she is going to be feeling really frisky. I won't have a place that isn't covered in water to warm her up and she hasn't been ridden in 2 days due to the heavy rains. Is it really a good idea to move forward with all this? 

 The stress was mounting and and the frustrations were starting to pile up. I asked my hubby what he thought I should do. 

He said, "This is supposed to be fun, right?"

I said, "Yes"

He said, "Are you having fun? Even if they have the show... do you think you will have fun?... it will still be muddy and it will be cooler and your horse will still be young."

I said, "NO" 

He said, "K, you have your answer." 

 So I immediately contacted the show office to withdrawal my entries. I know it was the right decision and a few hours after I withdrew I heard they ended up canceling the show completely anyway. So I know I wasn't the only one that came to the same decision. 

But it is morning now. The sun is shining brightly and all I can think is "Making the right decision sometimes just stinks!"



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I am just a girl who loves horses! Pretty much everything there is about horses from the hooves up. I come from a line of female trainers and horse lovers. I purchased my first horse when I was 15 and haven't looked back. :) I am married to a non-horsey husband who loves me even though he says I am a prime example of "My Little Pony" gone wrong. I am just going to share my feelings and experiences with you and hope that we can learn and grow in our passion for horses together.

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  1. Rene Wright
    Rene Wright
    I know where you're coming from! Only it has been the opposite for me. I think oh I'll get in a short ride this afternoon and boom here comes the rain! lol
    1. Ariana
      Frustrating isn't it. LOL :) I hope you get some ride time in soon. :)
  2. Eve Sherrill York
    Eve Sherrill York
    Hope you get some sunny ride time soon. It's been raining here too but I love the rain but then don't have a horse to ride.

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