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Making Plans
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Making Plans

I've always dreamed BIG when it came to horses. When I was younger, there was never a limit to what I could do. The problem was, what exactly do I want to do? That question would roll around in my mind for many many years. Now that I'm older & my mind has settled a bit, I think I can honestly answer that question. 

In the beginning, when I was around 9 years old my dream was to own a huge stable with TONS of acreage. I would have an indoor arena, outdoor arena, pasture for at least 100 head of horses, breeding barn, huge oversized stalls (10 at bare minimum) with connecting paddocks, seperate smaller pastures & corals. Now at 9 years old... THAT was a dream! lol 

I was certainly on my way in the right direction in the beginning. I was going to become a Vet to help reduce costs & the breeding program would pay for itself. I would offer boarding at reasonable rates to help offset the costs as well. Then life happened, & I would be taken way out away from my current direction & onwards to something totally different. I also sabotaged myself by being a rebellious teen & lost the trust of my parents who all but banned me from the property. Those particular dreams would soon become a distant memory. 

Now, I have new dreams & plans on how to make them happen. These dreams won't come true in a near future, but as long as I continue to work towards them, each step will bring me closer to where I would like to be. I still want a TON of good acreage that will be pastureland for some wild horses. I want a smaller sized barn with paddock turn outs. Roughly 6 oversized stalls for boarders. I want an indoor/outdoor arena. No breeding barn this time.. there are far too many horses out there that need homes without adding more to our climbing horse problem. I want to give English & Western riding lessons to help offset other costs. This dream is still in the planning stages, but I will get all the details worked out eventually. I can start working towards the goal now which each step will get me closer to the ultimate goal. 

Have you achieved your horse related goals, or are you in the beginning process? 

Nothing is impossible with God, planning & encouragment. :) 


Thanks for checking out my blogs. Have a Blessed Day! :D 

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  1. naturegirl
    With the bit of income earned here, you are probably off to a small, but good start! voted!
    1. Rene Wright
      Rene Wright
      lol yes.. very small :/ I haven't gotten to the top spot in over a week. I may have to figure out a different avenue for income. lol! Thank you for the vote!
  2. arabobsession
    My dream at 49 is to ride dressage at all the big shows next year, something I was never interested in as a kid, I only wanted to bush ride. I did have a few lessons with an Olympic dressage rider when I was in my teens, and I guess it must have stuck, as I remember everything he was trying to teach me. I have started on the path, I have a riding instructor who has ridden at the top levels, and is also training my horse the art of dressage. The road certainly has a lot of ups and downs, but the journey is exciting.

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