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Look for Abandoned Horses Right Here
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Look for Abandoned Horses Right Here

The recent decline in the economy has left many horse owners no choice but to abandon their horses. However, a stray horse may not always be deliberately abandoned. Sometimes horses might go astray from their stables, leaving their owners worried about their whereabouts. For this very purpose, a new website has been developed where owners can search for their abandoned or lost horses. The website is simple and easy to use, and if you are able to identify your horse then it’s yours.

How It Works

Firstly, the person who has found the horse will call a licensed veterinary doctor registered under a special program for ascertaining the horse’s identifying features. These features, along with two photographs of the horse, one from the front and one from the side, are entered into the database. The database is accessible via a website where anyone can look for abandoned or lost horses.

The county is compensated for the veterinary doctor’s fee by the owner once a horse is claimed, after the initial holding period passes. The holding period starts from the date the horse’s data is uploaded to the database, all of this is according to Kentucky's House Bill 312. The Kentucky General Assembly recently passed the House Bill 312 in its 2015 session. It was given sponsorship by State Representative Tom McKee of Cynthiana while being amended by the State Senate.

According to the bill, a person who has found an abandoned horse has to wait 15 days before claiming it as theirs, as opposed to 90 days previously. This 15-day waiting period commences once the horse’s information has been duly filled and uploaded to the database. This way, owners have some time to look for their abandoned or lost horses and reunite with them.

What to Do Upon Seeing an Abandoned Horse

In a number of states, the neglect, abuse or abandonment of animals is considered animal cruelty and is a criminal offense. Upon seeing a loose or abandoned horse, the first thing that should be done is to call 911. If you find it within your ability to ensnare the horse, that is the second step. Upon doing so, let the dispatcher on the call know immediately. Although it may seem like chasing the horse is a good idea, it is hardly the case. The horse may run into a number of hazards. A better solution would be to crowd the horse from all sides, herding it to a space that is much safer. It is prudent to let the dispatcher know exactly where the horse is located, or if it is running and you are unable to catch it, to give them an idea as to where the horse might be headed.

A stray horse is not only a hazard to itself but also to others, as it may run into a road and cause terrible accidents. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to care for one if it comes under your ownership. However, if due to any shortcoming a horse is misplaced, this website makes it easier for owners to look for their lost or abandoned horses.

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