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Little Girls and Horses
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Little Girls and Horses

For the last couple of years I've been hearing a re-occurring question coming from my daughters' mouths.  "Mommy, when can we get a horse?" Or "Mommy, when can I take riding lessons?"  Gulp!  A mixture of pure delight and fear runs through my veins at the same time!  How should I respond to their request to engage in what is probably one of the most expensive sports out there?  My husband and I are folks of modest means, so what do we do? 

A couple of summers ago, we had the good fortune of living near a farm that had an ancient quarterhorse called Treasure, and the farmer's wife was kind enough to let the kids ride her once a week.  I was so proud to see them up on Treasure's back (Treasure was, by the way, a horse that I rode years ago!).  Treasure was the perfect horse because she preferred not to move much at all. 

We have since moved away from there and now find ourselves living in an apartment in a large city!  And yet, the question keeps coming up!  "Mommy, when can we take riding lessons?" 

Part of me would just love to indulge them, and get another job so I could fund their passion!  I mean, wouldn't it be cool to see my daughters become top notch equestrians?  Wouldn't it be great if they could get the training that I never did? 

And yet would I want that? 

There's real value in working hard,  even at a young age for a hobby you love!  It proves how serious you are about riding horses!  If you're willing to give up your spare time to shovel out stalls, wait tables, or take on a paper route just so you can get up on a horse a few times a week, you can be pretty sure that you really do love horses!

So, since my daughters Annie(7) and Charlotte (6) are a bit young to get jobs, I'm trying to get them to show me how ernest they are about horse back riding in other ways.  I've told them that if they really love horses then they've got to study them.  So right now Annie is busy memorizing horse anatomy, and Charlotte happily does what big sister does! 

The kids are taking care of the family cat too!  It's been great!  I hardly ever clean out his kitty litter anymore, and this too is all in the name of displaying responsibility!

Again, part of me wishes that we were made of money and I could just hand them the opportunities that I never had.  But would they really appreciate it?  There's a saying that where ever you sink your treasure, you're going to find your heart there too. Right now, because they are too little to get jobs, their treasure is a willingness to study and to show responsibility in other ways. 

So far, by the way that they are gobbling up horse books, I'm thinking I might need to start setting some money aside for a few riding lessons!  If anyone has any suggestions on how they are dealing with horse smitten little girls, I'd love to hear from you!

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  1. naturegirl
    You're taking this very differently than my mother did. All I got was a straight and very direct "NO!", partially because of my parents' means but also because she was scared to death of seeing me fall off and get hurt. So, my first ride was at the age of 23. I wish she had done what you are doing... I will suggest a site that can allow you to do whatever you want to earn a few extra dollars: www.fiverr.com. Since it's entirely online, you don't have to get a second job and you get paid to do things as silly as posting a review for someone's new product and get paid for it. Look at the site and pick whatever you want to do. I'm a writer there and do some translation work, and have made, in about two years, over 700$. It's not huge, but it counts. oh, and I voted for you because I want you to get the 10$ here, too!
    1. naturegirl
      And if you can come and vote on mine, Horse Humour, that would be great too! Thanks!
      1. Terri AP Widdowson
        I think I did vote for you, because I do love the jokes. I had heart the man riding toward the cliff one before. . .it always makes me laught! Will make sure I voted.
  2. HorseDiva
    That is so adorable! You get a vote from me. Well, if this can help you, you can read my article, Win a Pair of VEGAN Fashion Riding Boots from NeuAura! Maybe this could be a gift to your daughter for X-Mas.
    1. Terri AP Widdowson
      Thank-you. I will try to win a pair of vegan fashion boots.
  3. Hayley
    Wonderful post - you can't separate little girls and horses, the two just have to go together!
    1. sharkaye
      Hayley you are so correct !! My folks made me read all the books I could read and then on the weekend I worked on my grandfathers horse farm, finally he bought a older horse for me, I thought I was really something !! But you know taught me so much in life and at 62 yrs young, I still have a horse and love every minute with her. God is Good !! and Little girls who at a young age, love horses will never change in there whole life. You cannot seperate a little girl, teen, woman, senior from her horses !!!
  4. Rene Wright
    Rene Wright
    Love this! Voted. The problem you face is common with so many parents today. Having to balance everything out & in our economy there are a lot of us scratching our heads as to where we're headed. You have the right idea though. Asking them to show you just how serious they are about horses by delving into all the books they can find is a great start. Loved the fact they are showing responsibility by cleaning the litter box too. I remember having to muck stalls & clean tack for my riding lessons. I learned to ride when I was 8, but my circumstances were quite a bit different. As a suggetion, you could start saving towards riding lessons for them & when the time comes for them to actually begin, you'll know by then if their interests have changed or if they are still serious. There is nothing more solid in a childs life than a horse & if your kids are anything like I was... they'll find a best friend to learn from & to teach at the same time. :)

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