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Lily Looks Different Today: One Horse's Road to Recovery
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Lily Looks Different Today: One Horse's Road to Recovery

First of all, who is Lily? Well, Lily is actually a special breed of horse that's part Arabian and part Appaloosa. Arabian horses are known for their elegance and refined heads, while Appaloosa horses have distinct beautiful spotted patterns on their coats, so Lily has the best of both worlds, though she's practically all white in appearance.

Lily's breed is known for endurance as well as intelligence, so you could possibly see such horses in horse shows, endurance races, or ranches doing farm work. But sadly, Lily's gone through so much more than she bargained for.

She was transported from New Jersey to New Holland on March 14 by Philip S. Price of East Providence, Rhode Island. She was then eventually abandoned, but her malnourished condition as well as splatters of paint on her coat told of the hard life she experienced.

Price was given five citations relating to importing animals without an interstate health certificate, animal cruelty, and handling animals without a license. But no one has been charged for Lily's poor health condition and the paint splatters.

Fortunately, some good Samaritans came to the rescue and she was given care and treatment and sent to a rehab farm. There, she was able to gradually recover and improve greatly in terms of her health and appearance. In fact, Lily's changes were so profound that according to Kelly Smith, the director of Omega Horse Rescue and Rehabilitation Center, people wouldn't be able to recognize her.

Lily's Path to Recovery

Among the many things that Lily suffered, she had uveitis, an inflammation of the uvea, in both her eyes. Her right eye had to be removed but her left eye was saved thanks to a new experimental procedure were injections were administered. According to her tending vet, Dr. Nikki Scherrer, everything turned out fabulously. She's only regained about 80 percent of her left eye's vision, but I think it’s safe to say that that's definitely a huge improvement.

Another problem was her teeth. According to Smith, a dentist had to work on her teeth for two days just to fix the problem and enable her to eat properly. But at least the intervention proved to be successful as seen by the increase in Lily's weight.

So far, Lily has gained 150 pounds and her coat is all white and clean again. It's amazing what can be done with a little TLC and some wonderful hardworking individuals.

At the Kennett Square rehab farm, Scherrer and Smith said that Lily spends time with Anita, another rescued horse that, like Lily, also lost one of her eyes due to cancer. So while justice is being sought for the maltreatment that Lily went through, she can at least continue on her road to recovery and greener pastures with her new buddy, Anita.

Horses are magnificent and reliable creatures, definitely among man's best friends. There's no reason to ever take these creatures for granted, or any other animal for that matter. We are, first and foremost, the stewards of this world, and inspiring stories like that of Lily show that there are still many of us who haven't forgotten that responsibility

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