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Light Breeds of Horses
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Light Breeds of Horses

There are characteristics that differentiate one breed of horse to another. Like dogs, they have specifics that are typical to some species, but not others, such as dogs that are perfect for children and others that make tougher guards, if that is what you are looking for. As for horses, differences can be between types that are better for farm work, for racing, for general riding, or show.

Today, I will speak about light horses. These are predominantly for racing, although many other uses are known. Some can do light ranch work, but if they are not racing, they are typically hunters or show horses. They are the ones that go back to the very beginning in the ancestry line.

These horses have a propensity to being much more warm or hot blooded due to their ancestry. They have variable temperaments. Only two hot blooded horse breeds are known: the Arabian and the Thoroughbred, and these are famous racing horses. A warm blooded horse will be better for sports, dressage and jumping.

They are great horses for families as well for general riding except for the few that are very energetic; these can be put to competitions and shows. Most of the heavy-set horses aren't quite made for riding.

Some breeds include the Andalusian, the Dutch Warm Blood, the Mustang, and the Norwegian Fjord.

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