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Let's Talk First Aid
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Let's Talk First Aid

Hello “Of Horse” Audience, it’s me again, Gucci (Quarter Horse Pony Blogger “How to treat a hoof abscess”) and let’s talk first aid. As you already know, horse injuries can occur at any time and at any location. My person has a first aid kit in the barn, her truck, the horse trailer, and a mini kit for trail rides (I love my trail rides).

All the kits include items that treat wounds, insect bites, swelling, dehydration, etc. Items included in the barn first aid kit and the trailer kit are as follows: a digital thermometer (include a lubricant such as Vaseline), extra halter, two pairs of scissors (one sharp, one blunt for bandages), wound antiseptic and cleaner, a snake bite kit, flashlights, bandages, gauze, Epsom salts, zinc-oxide, hemostat to remove burrs, splinters and thistles, hoof picks, poultice, electrolytes, tail wrap, eye cleanser, twitch (in case we get nervous), latex gloves, a clean fly mask (for an injured eye), Pheylbutazone, medicated shampoo, duct tape, vet wrap , stethoscope, cold packs, standing bandages, and an antiseptic scrub such as Betadine.

All of these supplies are put on a list and that list is in each first aid kit. This really helps to be sure everything is in the kits and to replenish the kits as needed. Another important list to include inside each first aid kit is phone numbers for the veterinarian, Equine Clinic, Farrier, and Police and Fire Departments. A record of horse’s medical information (medications, vaccinations, wormers) should be included as well. Always know where the first aid kits are located and be sure that essential barn personnel know also.

It helps to have the kit properly marked-Red with large Cross. Some important hints to focus on in case of a first aid situation is to Stay Calm-trust me on this-us horses sense when our persons are nervous and that makes us frightened.

And always remember these kits are there to help before the vet arrives-Consult your veterinarian for injuries and health problems.

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