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Let the Horse Inspire You.
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Let the Horse Inspire You.

There is one question that gets asked a lot if you look around the internet.

What to do with my horse?

Often it's young or injured horses that can't be ridden, and sometimes also people who train trick, with their horses who seek new inspiration.

Now in my mind the best thing to do is to take a step back and reinforce the basics. Stops, back up, stand still and so on.

Otherwise take your horse outside for a walk and go through water, up and down hills. Here the basics come in to play. Do they work or not. Most times it works great in the arena or places your horse knows, but in the dangerous world you find out if they work. Maybe you also find things your horse is afraid of and then you can do some work there before moving on. The other benefit of this is that after a week of walking the same way, your horse knows the area and it will be safer for you to ride there.

For tricks, I can see where you get to a point where you can get stuck, if the horse can lay down, rear, sit, smile and all of the other tricks, but then watch the horse run and jump around, find a movement that you find interesting, see if you can find a pattern to when your horse does it and see if you can copy it to your training, I know this is quite difficult but that really is where all tricks have started. Maybe you'll make a new trend.  That's when it get interesting for me. If you can make a horse's range of movements controllable. Of course you will never be able to get it all, horses react and adrenaline will make them move faster, and hopefully your horse doesn't produce adrenaline when you train tricks.

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