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Let me introduce myself!
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Let me introduce myself!

Let me introduce myself!

I am excited about posting to this blog and hope you will enjoy my ramblings about life at Triangle B Quarter Horses in the beautiful state of Iowa! I have never blogged on a regular basis but I am sure looking forward to it. Thought I would start with telling you about myself and my horses.

My first horse was a gift for my fourth birthday, way back in 1958. I am fairly certain that I was born loving horses and by age 4 I was already a serious horse lover. Thankfully my Dad was an Iowa farmer and supported my little girl passion. Coupled with that, my Dad’s brother was a partner in the farming operation and he was a horse lover too! My first horse was a part-Morgan black gelding that loved kids! An adult couldn’t ride him without the chance of being bucked off but we could pile 5-6 kids on him and he was quite happy. Star was his name and he was so smart and so kind. I learned a great deal from him like how to tell when horses were “faking it”. He got to the point where he would limp as you rode away from the barn but turn him around to head back and he was healed! So, Dad gave me a short piece of black plastic pipe with a hole in one end with a baling twine through it for a handle and told me that when Star began limping to tap him on the shoulder with the pipe. It worked like a charm! By the time I was 5 years old I was going after the milk cows each afternoon and bringing them in for milking time all by myself. I thought I was quite the cowgirl!

Through the years growing up I had just a few horses to call my own but they were each special to me in their own way. My uncle was also a farrier so, of course, I accompanied him as much as I could. I can’t tell you how much that helped me learn about horse behavior. And, owner ignorance! I will save some of those stories for a later blog.

Fast forward to now and I live on a 40 acre Iowa farm with my husband, a cat (Aggie) and 2 wonderful Quarter Horse broodmares. Bitsy Pine Sun and Maker Miss Ellie are two great mares with personality, good looks, excellent breeding and, at the same time, are fantastic producers. Our farm will soon be a Century Farm and we are excited about that. Back in 1918 my husband’s great-grandfather purchased the land and it has stayed in the family ever since. We have now lived here for 36 years and raised two wonderful children who are now grown adults with kids of their own. Being grandparents is absolutely wonderful and I’m certain I will have future blogs about the joys of grandkids and horses!

I would be remiss if I didn’t tell you about how I became a part of Bitsy Pine Sun’s life. She actually “begged” me to buy her and I obliged. I was in the market for a broodmare having decided that raising babies was what I wanted to do in the latter years of my horse life. To that end I visited a renowned and successful Quarter Horse farm in Iowa and went out to a pasture where about 60 head of mares were lounging around. I was told to look and see if there was something that I liked. Well, this beautiful sorrel mare with kind eyes walked out of the middle of the herd and came right up to me just wanting me to pet her. None of the other mares even bothered to express interest in me. After evaluating the mare and deciding that I really did like her, I inquired on the price. The price seemed high to me and was a little more than what I had budgeted so I left and went home thinking I could surely find another one that I liked just as well but that might be cheaper.

Two weeks went by and I found nothing and I couldn’t stop thinking about that sorrel mare! So, one day I decided I would go back and look one more time, thinking there had to be something in that herd that I liked and could afford! This time my husband went with me and as him and farm manager were standing by the fence talking, I wandered out into the pasture once again. Much to my surprise the sorrel mare that I liked so well on the first visit once again walked out of the herd and right up to me! Again, the only horse in the entire herd that did that. Long story short, I purchased her. To this day I always tell people that Bitsy chose me, not the other way around and I truly believe she did. I’m confident that you will learn much more about Bitsy in my future blogs because I have alot to share about this wonderful mare.  Her photo accompanies this blog.

My next blog will tell you the story of how Maker Miss Ellie came to live with us in Iowa! I hope you will join me.

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  1. naturegirl
    This is a great intro about yourself. I enjoyed reading it, so I voted. I also have to say that if someone is shopping for a dog or a cat, experts suggest to let the animal chose you, and I wouldn't be surprised that it goes the same way with horses. I've never shopped for one so I wouldn't be able to relate any experience about it, but reading this makes me think it may be the same as domestic animals. If you have the chance, please come read my post, When Winter Comes, and vote if you like it. Cheers!
  2. HorseDiva
    I am voting because I want to meet Miss Ellie. Such a nice post! Please come read my new post, Are Horses Any Different Than Pigs or Cows?, and tell me what you think. Vote if you enjoy it.

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