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Leave Your Emotions at Home!
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Leave Your Emotions at Home!

Advice I got today, straight from my trainers mouth :) Really, really good advice at that! Recently, I've been having issues with my horse, and my trainer told me it was because he is feeding off of my emotions. "He senses something is wrong." She told me. "You need to work through it. He seems a bit upset with you." Why? Because I've been taking things out on him, not going to see him because of my own issues. He responds better to other people than me. It kind of sucks. So today, she had me join up with him. And he resisted it. In fact, I wasn't able to join up with him in the short time frame I had, but it's something I will continue working at. My whole training session today was very eye opening. After we had done loose work with my Gambler (my horse) we worked on basic disciplinary things such as backing up and then following me around. Next, I was going to get on my horse for the first time in several weeks. But I hesitated. And he fed off of that, starting moving around and not standing on the mounting block. "I'm not thinking about it!" I told my trainer before she could open her mouth to tell me to push my thoughts to the back of my head. "Except you are. You're consciously thinking about not thinking." I took a deep breath, closed my eyes and quickly got onto my horse. And honestly, the minute I relaxed, so did he. 

So the moral of the story? Leave your emotions at home! Because if you let them get in your way, things will only go badly! This includes getting angry at your horse! 

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  1. arabobsession
    I have a sign in my tack shed, show no fear, feel no fear, ride with no fear. I read this every time I go to ride and it works, I also have : don't pull on mouth, lots of transitions, end on a good note, ask 1's, 2's, tap with crop. These silly little sentences are making a better rider of my horse and my horse is respecting me in the saddle
  2. sophiadolly
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