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Learning to Communicate with Horses - My story
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Learning to Communicate with Horses - My story

I work professionally communicating and healing other people's horses as well as working with my own wonderful herd of horses to heal other people.

This wasn't a gift that I knew about till I was in my late twenties, although I had always been very sensitive I wasn't born psychic and I didn't know about Reiki and animal communication till I already owned two horses.

I met a woman who owned a Spanish horse and a Brron my own horse is Spanish, so we boned over our mutual love of the Spanish breed. She mentioned that she knew a lady who was a Reiki Healer and Animal Communicator who was running an introduction course to communicating with animals. She asked if I wanted to go with her and to learn more about communicating with animals and in particular with horses.

Although I had never done anything like that I was fascinated by the prospect that I would be able to talk to my own animals and hopefully live in better harmony and understanding with them.

The day itself was fascinating. I not only got to learn about communicating with horses but we also had a dog there for us to try and connect with and as strange as it sounds I was given a picture of a cat who had passed over to connect with. I must admit I remember sitting there thinking "there is no way I can do this!" and it wasn't till the lady teaching the class looked at me and gave me a picture to tune into and said "she wants to talk to you because you are kind" that I decided that I would do whatever it takes to learn this skill. I wanted to do this because I love animals and I wanted a unique and inspiring relationship with my horses.

The teacher had heard animals since she was a little girl and although she was amazing at what she did because she had always had this gift she didn't really know the steps to how someone else could develop into that role. I knew at this stage I not only wanted to learn how to do this myself but I would love to eventually teach other people how to communicate with their own horses.

At first I could only use basic techniques through using a pendulum. I certainly didn't hear anything but I did get a sense of things and seemed to get intense feelings from the horses. I was to learn that feelings and emotions was my primary way of communicating with horses. This sense is so strong that I will feel what the animals are feeling, sadness or physical pain is mirrored in my own body so I understand what they need from me.

Over the years I have also developed stronger psychic skills and I will get pictures and also words now; although for me feelings are still me strongest tool when working with horses and other animals.

I used the word gift earlier but in reality this skill is something I have given to myself over the years. I love being able to communicate with animals and I practice my psychic and healing skills every day when I am not teaching or seeing clients. For me it is a passion and a way of life that has brought everything into balance for me, not only with my wonderful horses but in other areas of my life as well.

Everyone could communicate with their horses if they wanted to. It would be slightly different for each person; some people I have taught get lots of pictures or they even have had words written out in their minds eye. Others like me work more with feelings and have to learn to interpret what they mean. There is not one person I have met and taught who has not been able to connect and communicate in some way. For me this ability has enabled me to bond with my horses and to understand what life is like for them. I feel in true partnership with them and when I get to help other horses to bond with their owners, it’s a truly incredible experience.

My horses don't really whisper to me; they push their feelings inside so I can walk in their shoes and feel what they feel. Words don't seem to have the same impact as that and one emotion from them is worth a thousand words.

So next time you are with your horse just take a moment to be with your horse and see if you can pick up anything from them. They will be willing to share with you if you are willing to be open to them.




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  1. traci
    How, or where to begin to learn how to. I have the ability. So I know its true. Just dont know how to cultivate it.
    1. Andreana Dorrs
      Andreana Dorrs
      The first step is learning your primary way of communicating or connection. Mine is through feelings. So, either feelings, getting pictures, hearing words or in my case I get whole sentences downloaded! When you know then you can build on your primary way and the others will build and develop alongside. If you imagine your mind expanding, so the crown chakra at the top of your head opening up and expanding that will help as well. Make sure you are grounded by imaging roots coming out of your feet and grounding you and push the energy through your body into the ground. The more grounded you are the more you will be able to develop your psychic skills. Let me know how you get on and I am more than happy to give you more advice or help in anyway that I can. If you don't have your own horses you can still connect to others. My website is totemanimals.co.uk have a look at my horses. Because they are used to communicating you may find they can help you with the connection as well.

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