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Lady Wonder: The Wonder Horse Who Helped Humans
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Lady Wonder: The Wonder Horse Who Helped Humans

When the little foal was born on February, 9, 1925, she was immediately noticed by neighbor Claudia Fonda. Claudia insisted that her husband buy the handsome horse for her. She was related to a thoroughbred race horse, was black in color, and had three white stockings with a crooked blaze. Claudia saw something special in the little black horse from the very beginning. She named her 'Lady' and later the word 'Wonder' was added. For she surely was one.

From the time she was about two weeks old, Lady Wonder showed them how different she was. She surprised them nearly every day by running up to them just as they were thinking about her and were about to call to her. The family manufactured an alphabet board and she was taught to indicate small words by nudging the letters with her nose.

Lady Wonder showed how smart she was also by finding hidden objects with no hesitation. She even began to spell words with children's blocks. The family claimed she could predict the future as she did once by spelling the word 'engine' out just before a tractor came down the road.

Visitors came from all around to experience Lady Wonder, and they could purchase three answered questions for a dollar. She could correctly answer such questions as what year, it was, audience members names, and even the time of day. For the most part, the horse was correct in her answers. Lady Wonder made national news as people left the farm bewildered at how the horse knew such answers. Even police detectives came to her for help solving crimes.

Police detectives asked Lady Wonder on different occasions for her help in finding lost children. In 1951 in Quincy, Massachusetts, a four year old named Danny Matson had gone missing. He had been gone for several months when Lady Wonder was contacted. The story goes that she told the authorities to go to the Pittsfield Water Wheel. She had actually meant the Pit Field, which was a quarry filled with water in the area, a place that had already been searched. It was decided to drain the quarry. The boy's body was found. Another occasion was in the winter of 1952-3 when two children went missing in Illinois. One of the mothers went to visit Lady Wonder. The horse was able to tell her that the child was in a river near their home. Both bodies were found months later in the river. The allegedly paranormal mare was said to have helped in each situation.

A few days after suffering a heart attack, Lady Wonder died on March, 19,1957. She was 32 years old. In her lifetime, Lady Wonder was visited by over 150,000 strangers. She had made the national news because of her being ability to awe and inspire.  She was certainly a wonder horse.


 Image courtesy of Flickr.com Commons


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