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Lack of Children Wearing Riding Helmets
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Lack of Children Wearing Riding Helmets

As equestrians, we all know that one of the most important items of riding wear is a safety helmet, so it comes as an alarming surprise that many young riders are opting not to wear theirs whilst out on their horse. This finding comes from a recent study which has discovered that only 20% of young riders are protecting themselves with head-wear and helmets.

Although a riding hat is one of the most important items that an equestrian can wear, it seems that a number of children are not wearing this vital piece of safety wear when riding their horse. The study also showed that many young children were admitted to hospital with injuries caused by a horse riding incident, with a number of the youngsters found to have not been wearing a helmet at the time of the injury occurring. This lack of riding head-wear is an alarming statistic which is highlighting the under utilisation of safety helmets amongst junior equestrians.

So why are so many children not wearing their helmets? With riding hats being one of the most important pieces of equipment for an equestrian, this recent study shows that an alarming number of young riders are choosing to go without a helmet. A number of reasons have been cited as to why youngsters may be choosing to go without head-wear. The first being the fact that some children find helmets uncomfortable to wear and that wearing one gave them a headache.

A properly fitting riding hat should not feel uncomfortable and should not cause any headaches. This also highlights the fact that a number of children are wearing the wrong size helmets. It is important that a riding hat fits properly and this applies to both young riders as well as adults too. When looking into more reasons as to the lack of utilization of helmets, a number of riders said that they felt helmets were too expensive to buy. A riding hat may not be cheap to purchase, but it is an important investment that should always be in an equestrians repertoire.

When choosing a riding helmet, there are a number of elements to consider to make sure you choose the right one. Below are a few tips on how to purchase a correctly fitting riding hat.

  • To find the right size of riding helmet, use a soft tape measure and place this around your head near your eyebrows.
  • When trying on helmets, you should make sure that it does not slip off or pinch your head.
  • If your hat gives you a headache then it is highly likely that you have the wrong size.
  • A riding helmet should always sit straight on your head with the brim being just two fingers width above your eyebrows.
  • You may also find that each brand of riding helmet will fit differently, so be sure to try a few different ones before you settle on your preferred brand.
  • Be sure to replace your helmet once every two years or when it starts to show signs of wear and tear.

Following these tips should allow both adult equestrians and children to find a properly fitting riding helmet, allowing equestrians of all ages the correct amount of safety and protection whilst out riding their horse. It is vital that one is always worn when out riding, no matter what age or level of rider you may be. Hopefully, this recent study highlights the under utilization of helmets and encourages more riders to wear theirs and to make sure that youngsters are wearing their helmets too.

Study Source - Helmet under-utilization by children during equestrian events is associated with increased traumatic brain injury

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