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Keeping the Faith: Part 4
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Keeping the Faith: Part 4

With winter on our heels, I make a plan to begin an education for Faith. I have discovered much about her past history and want to examine her potential for future prospects. 

I am told that in the past she was totally wild and had to be shot with a tranquilizer in order to be caught. I also know that she has had at least one foal, a little strawberry roan colt.

Each day I am cleaning the hole in her face and noting any changes. I clean the external crust away and then flush the internal pocket with a saline solution. Having learned her history I now know that Faith has had this hole for some time. Having never worsened nor healed any. Whilst others may have written her off, I refuse. If she is happy and healthy even with a small hole in her face, then so am I. As far as more invasive treatment is concerned, it will be an “as and when” consideration.

I approach her in the field with a long line to which she turns on her heels and walks away. Perhaps this long lead rope brings back a memory? “Did they try this before?,” I sub-consciously ask. 

I persist and ask her to join up with me. She obliges and allows me to walk with her around her paddock. Within the first few minutes she is calm and at ease in my company and focused entirely on what I ask. I turn to face her rump and focus my energy towards it, slightly raising my right hand. Almost immediately Faith crosses her hind legs and steps to the side. I must admit, at this point, I am impressed. Keen to see how pliable this little pony is, I introduce another long-line. Again, within minutes I am working her an a circle, making upwards and downward transitions just through my tone of voice and energy levels. Her movement is beautiful. Her paces are flowing and radiating the freedom that she so deeply deserves. As I lower the lines along with my energy, I begin to smile. Faith picks up on this in a split-second and slows to a stop. She turns to face me and appears to bow her head. Instinctively, I bow back, nodding my appreciation to her hard work and drop the lines to the floor. I unclip the lines and set Faith free to return to foraging in the hay, she nuzzles me. It is a kind nuzzle, and I know there and then that this pony HAS a future.

And, I can tell you this, it is going to be amazing.

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  1. Eve Sherrill York
    Eve Sherrill York
    I'm glad she does. Amazing it is then. Hope you will share it all with us. Voted.
  2. Eve Sherrill York
    Eve Sherrill York
    Ahhhh. Voted.

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